A week in the training life of Tao Geoghegan Hart

Pretty interesting read


Woow! If the data is right I wont let anyone call me skinny anymore :crazy_face:

He has 6ft (1.82m) and only 61kg :thinking:

And that confirms my suspicions… at 1.7m and 70kilos I am well overweight!

“The numbers: 24hr 45min total riding, 185min Z3+ effort”… :exploding_head:

Everyone getting on the traditional base bandwagon is nodding in self approval right now @bbarrera


thanks @Cleanneon98 its a busy day at work… Hmm 185min z3+ on 24.75 hours is 12.5% at z3 and above. So cutting total time from 24+ hours down to a more reasonable amateur’s 8-12 hour commitment you would expect some additional time at z3+. Right now I’m in base 3 and this 9 hour week is 12.6% z3+ on the calendar. And over this 12 week base progression I’ve been getting faster on bike and stronger in the gym.


I made it through about 5 weeks of TBMV at the start of lockdown and whilst I wasn’t doing it long enough to see big fitness improvements felt much more comfortable on the bike (I normally get neck / upper back pain at 90min but it wasn’t hitting until well over two hours).

Having not touched my bike for about 10 weeks think some TB is where I’ll start this off season.

This wasn’t a week of base training. This was the final build just a few weeks before his Giro D’italia debut.


Looking at TB3 mid and high volume, they both have 3 a week of threshold, sweetspot, tempo/sweetspot (in that order). Did you change things up for more Z2?

I’m coached now, and not doing a TR plan.

Ah you threw me with base 3 :grinning:

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Sounds more epic - “get the sherpas we have to make a push for BASE 3 before the storm rolls in!”


Hmm. I did 194 mins in Z3+ last week out of 12h3m total (27%) and 23% the week before that. Makes me think I might be overcooking it. On the other hand maybe pros start like that and just add more and more easy stuff to get the hours in.

I did 13 hours and 5 hours (38%) of Z3+ workouts. It’d be good to know how these things scale down from 24 hours to ‘mere mortal’ hours. As usual I’m guessing that’s highly individual. You’d expect the requirement for higher intensity to crank up a fair bit IMO.

Also, are we talking specifically interval TiZ or total workout duration? I used the latter metric - my actual Z3+ TiZ was actually more like 245 mins (30%ish), which seems more sensible.

I was talking “time in zones”. You are still a bit more.

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I’m still doing 2 hours/week in the gym, which is part of the reason for doing so much z2 at this point in base.

How much coasting/descending is in TGH’s 24 hours?