A Time Trialing Thread

Thank you for the comments.

I had to move the saddle to where it was anyway as further back was uncomfortable for me.
It looks like I could do with a little bit more reach, but this is something I will try to achieve with the new extensions + higher risers underneath the arm rests. There will be a lot more adjustment options compared to the current set.

I will definitely try the technique as I have a feeling that my shoulders are quite wide and are costing me a lot of time.

For the time being, I was able to ride comfortably in the position for 2hrs+ doing various efforts. I was satisfied with the power output too as I could hold 96% of the FTP (from a road bike position) for 25mins at the end of the two hour block.


Hey y’all
I seem to be in this never ending quest for a good saddle.
At the moment I am on an ISM PN4.0
So far its the best yet but I have never really been that comfortable. As far as ISMs go this is the best one. I’ve tried the PN1.1 and PL1.1, and adamo. All of them start to get me sore at the leg attachment.

I’ve tried going narrower like the JCOB type5/JOF 55 and made me numb in 15min because I’m sitting right on my perenium. Same type of deal with the Selle Italia WATT

I’ve been jumping back and forth witht he Spesh Sitero. Someitmes I like it and sometimes I hate it.

Any thoughts?

An issue I have had is putting pressure on my perineum rather than sit bones - this is a bike fit issue that no saddle will rectify. Also, are you “tucking your tailbone” under? It activates glutes, but also helps alleviate pressure on perineum

I try to when it starts getting uncomfortable, but I’ve also been told I need to rotate my pelvis more like in this article

  • sigh *
    I’ve been fitted serveral times and can’t seem to get sorted

Used to have a similar problem mate. Also found that those ISM were the better option but still not great. I found that improving flexibility/ROM in my hamstrings and a change in saddle to the Bontrager Hill Comp did the trick for me. But as always with saddles, it is highly personal.

looks very similar to a bi saddle

After some tinkering with the new position (and joining the dark side of the force), I have come up with this. I will take this to the track in two weeks from now and have high hopes. It „tests“ a few watts faster for me outdoors. Really interested in what the track says.