A slightly different take on TR gear

I am sure something like this has been requested or suggested in the past, but maybe this time slightly differently. TrainerRoad kit and casual wear only available for order by validated subscribers?

Similar to the Rapha Cycling Club where you must login to confirm your membership to RCC to be able to order member gear. Subscribers (members) advertising TrainerRoad locally across the globe while members pay for the gear themselves just because they are proud subscribers/members wanting to evangelize the benefits of the platform.

I’m not suggesting an Ambassador program of potential freebies, rather a subscriber/member perk that in the end helps TrainerRoad grow without freebies with at least the integrity of only being able to purchase the gear if you are a subscriber/member of TrainerRoad.


Haha, but it’s their reputation on the line… maybe they do it a la everesting and require a 4.5w/kg verified to purchase. :sweat_smile::joy:


This is a solution to something that is not a problem. TR was never against gear because they only wanted it to be in the hands (or on the backs) of actual users.

The issue largely set around the creation and distribution requirements of making them available. They did a short experiment of actually offering TR Kits with lots of options, back when the forum was debuted (Sept 2018). The reception was luke warm (some complained about pricing) and the actual number of kits sold was well below what might have been expected from requests of people to have access to them for many years. TR closed the option because of that.

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Back in 2016ish I asked customer support how I could purchase a water bottle. I received a water bottle, t shirt, huge set of stickers, and coffee mug in the mail. I’m sure they must have been smaller back then, than they are now.