A different way to combine GoPro files

Hey all,

Instead of using QuickTime player for mac or whatever the equivalent is in windows, the files can just be joined and not transcoded with resulting loss of quality.

This application LosslessCut is a fancy wrapper for ffmeg, and it just joins the files and leaves the quality as the original.

I was merging 77gb of 4k60 gopro today and iMovie took 70 minutes (on a new apple silicon macbook pro) to do the job. Losslesscut did the job in 2 minutes and left the original quality.

Maybe this can be the mind blower for someone else as it was for me.

The previous version of this post was marked as spam. It isn’t spam. I have no affiliation with the company. I just wanted to save someone else the hours of time joining movies takes using the normally recommended methods. Sheesh


Thank you for sharing this.

I think I will find this a helpful option as I have found my Hero-7 blocks longer recordings into smaller ‘chunks’ and it takes a while for the standard Mac software (iMovie) to rejoin them.

Im too tight-fisted to invest in more expensive software for movie editing :joy:

Yes iMovie or QuickTime player take a very long time and also re-compress already compressed data.

This is a big pain in the butt for me also. Having to combine files and then wait for export every time. I also do data overlays on some videos, and so I do two rounds of exports from iMovie and then VerbEdit. I am sure there is a better way, but it is what I know and I have been too lazy to find it! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing.