8min average watt charity challenge

Hi All,

Every year there is charity event at my work - they bring half a dozen wattbikes into the atrrium, and teams across the different divisions do an average watt test over 8 mins.

Last year, i was able push out 350 watts for 8mins, but i came 4th out of maybe 200 people. My current power curve says i can do 380w of 8mins.

This year, i want to hit 400 watt average.

I’ll probably be done with my General build phase a couple of weeks before the event, so that should give me a bit of time to hone my workouts and focus hard on building 8mins power.

Can you recommend any tips here?

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Do some 4 x 4 or 5 x 4 to hit about 430 avg

Do some 10-minute and 12-minute all out efforts to get your head used to sustaining the low end of your VO2max power. 106%+ of FTP for those.

Wow what kind of place is this that you work? I’m not as strong as you but every work event (spin classes mostly) I’ve done I’ve completely smashed everyone I work with. You must have some beastly co-workers.

It’s because its raw watts rather than w/kg. There are some big guys out there that can really crank out some serious watts for a short period.

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