+80w FTP During Med School with Cam Seamons - Successful Athletes Podcast 31

@Berggeiss, what demographic do you want then? From my perspective they seem to have had a pretty broad range. Not sure what’s missing which you’d like to see? Maybe include that in your feedback?

I really wish there were more people in the 25-30 range, with lots of time and racing in P1/2, but i know many people don’t want to hear about that

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I thought it was a great podcast, I can see how people have opinions on what the demographic is. But also they must look at it from the TrainerRoad side, maybe these “ people” are the only ones writing in for a story about them? Maybe other people don’t know about this podcast or think their story isn’t great enough for people to want to hear it?
You never know, there’s always a second or third side to any situation. I personally feel people are getting overly sensitive and judging right away based on their own belief systems.
I think if you look at the training aspect and advice on these podcasts. You will see some motivation and advice how to make training a priority or how to make sure you get the work in.
Everyone has a different story and we should respect their side, you never know this guy could’ve been sleeping on a floor his whole child hood and busted his ass to get a bike.
This is all also my own opinion, and that is why I don’t judge based on their color or job category. Everyone is struggling with something, and sometimes what not might be helping you. Might be helping someone else! :peace_symbol:


@Jonathan. I personally think that Podcasts you are currently undertaken are informative and hitting the mark. Not all off us are 20 somethings who have the time and lifestyle to optimise our training. Some of us are 55 years old and have to best fit in our training and nutrition around busy lifestyles and work habits which are not always conducive to the “perfect workout”. To hear from people in similar circumstances and being able to pull out some gold nuggets of information that can help make me a better / faster cyclist then please continue to do what you are doing. That fact that you are taking the time to embrace the differences in those who cycle, whether it be by way of age, gender etc and not what we would describe as the perfect cyclist is a credit to you and those at trainer Road and shows a more inclusive approach.