8 weeks to get ready for 6 gaps

I’ve taken about a three week break from the trainer and need to rebuild fitness for 6 gaps - 100 mile/10k climbing event on 9/26. I don’t like what plan builder is spitting out - too much V02 and not enough long steady efforts. I’m used to 10 hour/200 mile plus weeks. Suggestions?

What type of event did you tell Plan Builder that Six Gaps was? Try telling it something different (ie fondo, century) and see what it gives you.

I can’t believe they’re still holding this event. Crazy to hold or attend.

Based on what you are saying you don’t live here as I would say just go and ride the gaps and supplement with TR endurance workouts over 2 hours.

Edit: if you don’t have that option fulgaz is pretty good or zwift. I have much love for TR but for making climbing better the two mentioned just work better of getting me out of the saddle or simulating climbs.

Either way have fun as it is a great event and I am fortunate to be 1 hour drive away to go all the time.

Still 2 months away and requiring masks at start line and in all rest stops.