6 weeks Polarized "base" plan - modification for extra recovery week

Doing 5 weeks of work will not work for me. Yes the plan only is 1 hard workout a week in low volume, but i have too much going on to do 5 work weeks
Through the years i noticed that a 3:1 work recovery is manageable for me.
So i think this is a good modification for the plan?
Similar to what TrainerRoad recommended for other plans.

Week 1 - week 1 of the plan: work
Week 2 - week 2 of the plan: work
Week 3 - week 3 of the plan: work
Week 4 - week 6 of the plan: recovery
Week 5 - week 3 of the plan: work
Week 6 - week 4 of the plan: work
Week 7 - week 5 of the plan: work
Week 8 - week 6 of the plan: recovery

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Yup, that’s similar with the TR comments and what I do with SSB for my own use. Seems good to me.

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Exactly the modification I made yesterday :+1:
I don’t know how my body will react to the added TSS through long slow rides, so I prefer to play safe and give me some rest earlier, always better than too late. Experience with 5 weeks of SSB without rest has been pretty bad for me. I struggled in 2nd week of build, even on low volume. Mainly mental overreaching. Hopefully this will help

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If all i did was the plan, then i would have no trouble following the low volume plan and would probably “crush it”. A medium volume plan would probably be ok too. But too much going on to do 5 straight weeks of work.

4th and 5th week of SSB 1 on low volume are killing me mentally. The overunder sessions (and not easy mountain shaped one) after the fatigue from previous weeks in addition to a stressful job are a bit too much for me. I can go through it, I can go through the 5 weeks of SSB 2 also. But when build comes I really struggle. I never saw specialty.

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For future reference, here is my guide to adding more recovery to SSB 1 & 2


@rizaulait2 I Highly recommend @mcneese.chad his suggestion!


Really not sure the fatigue from SSB and these Pol plans is comparable. Having ridden a Pol approach since Xmas and doing 15-16 hrs a week, I rarely find I need a rest week when SSB plans would quickly grind me down at MUCH lower volumes of training. I’ve ended up on a couple of weeks just reducing to 1 intensity day or doing a shorter (or slightly lower intensity) endurance day is enough, and then just pick up again.

Until you’ve done it I think most people don’t realise how quickly they recover from endurance hours - its far quicker than tempo/SST/FTP work.

My schedule is as follows:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 3 hours of MTB or CX or Road training (i am the trainer), where i do mostly low intensity
Wednesday: the Z3 workout of the polarized plan ( 60 - 90 mins.)
Thursday: 3 hours of MTB or CX or Road training (i am the trainer), where i do mostly low intensity
Friday: rest
Saturday: 1 hour run, Z1 or Z3 efforts, depending on the time of year.
Sunday: 3-4 hours of MTB or Road riding, try to keep in Z1 (of polarized). But this could also be a CX race, an MTB marathon, a crit.

During a restweek, i only skip the wednesday workout, go easy on the run, and the sunday ride might be only 2 hours easy spinning, so still a lot of activity.

And this is pretty much the whole year round, depending on the season, i train kids and adults in CX, MTB or road. So i do expect i need that additional restweek.

How can you modify the plan? The plans in TR are “as is” or?

It’s possible to shift workouts around to different days, push weeks out, to add in more recovery weeks (using the ‘copy’ tool). Essentially, there is a template plan, but once added to your calendar, you can modify in many, many ways.

Thats perfect!
Is is also possible to import an customized trainingplan from the Treadcreator?