6 Weeks away from Turbo trainer and Bike - Heart Rate only sessions

Just wondering if anyone has any advice or thoughts on dealing with a 6 week work trip away from the UK. I am hoping to have regular access to a typical Gym exercise bike, probably just a mechanical resistance control.

I will take my heart rate monitor and Apple Watch so I can record HR based sessions.
I intend to mimic some of the simpler interval sessions and try matching them roughly to familiar TR Train Now sessions. My main intention is to avoid losing fitness and therefore avoid a significant lowering of my FTP.

I am 58, 72kg and have an FTP of 237 if that might be relevant.

I will import all the Gym sessions into TR.

I’m just wondering if TR will recognise my attempt to maintain fitness or am I likely to have to come back to a ramp test or similar to get back on track when I return.

Cheers Chris

Hello @toucanjunky :slight_smile:

Since you’re not following a TR plan, it makes things a lot simpler! Haha

I would recommend just uploading your gym bike workouts and only matching a ride file to a TrainNow TR Workout if you’ve actually followed the workout instructions. If not you’d be feeding the system incorrect data, as you didn’t actually follow the workout.

I think the best way to match a ride in this case scenario would be to:

  1. Set the TrainNow TR Workout to Outside:

  2. Follow the RPE Based instructions (built for users without a power meter) when completing the workout on Apple Watch:

  3. Once the ride file gets uploaded to TR it should automatically get matched with the TrainNow Outside Workout

  • If you are manually uploading the ride file, you will need to manually match the ride:

Lastly, Red Light Green Light will be taking into account and recognizing all your attempts to maintain fitness on all rides you do to recommend you take things easy or the day off by Yellow or Red Days :slight_smile:

Note: No need to take a Ramp Test when you get back :slightly_smiling_face: You’re only leaving for a week, so it shouldn’t affect your TrainNow recommendations. If say, you were leaving for over a month, then that would be a scenario where you’d want to retest FTP value.

Thank you so much, excellent clear instructions.
As I’m away for 6 weeks, looks like I will have to do a ramp test.
It’s been a while …. I’ve been happily avoiding them with adaptive training :slight_smile:

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Whoops, I read that wrong! You’re leaving for 6 weeks, not 1 week :slight_smile:

Since you’re using AI FTP Detection there is no need to do the Ramp Test when you get back :wink: