6 cyclists injured by pickup truck attempting to "roll coal"

Unbelievable how poorly we are raising our kids in these days. My generation of parent-age adults has a lot to be ashamed of related to their own behavior, but when their kids are doing the same dumb-a things their parents are doing, you know things are bound to continue.


In Texas, what a shock.
“I’m picking up your sarcasm. Well, I should hope so, because I’m laying it on pretty thick.”


wow… 16 yo driver…

Wonder why no arrests yet.

he did harm multiple cyclists…


Any chance this fucking kid will see literally any repercussions? He changed the course of at least 6 people’s lives.


hopefully he’ll be charged later, but it’s Texas, so I wouldn’t count on anything being done that I believe in.

I’d imagine he may get sued by at least one of the victims, which his insurance may cover some of the bodily injury costs, but if hes only got the minimum $25k or whatever, likely that won’t cover all of their expenses.

Everyone needs to hit Waller County Sherriff’s department on social media and ask them when they will be making an arrest.

twitter: @SHERIFF_WCSO
I’m sure they have FB stuff to, but I don’t do FB so :man_shrugging:

The only way we can change this mindset is if we stand up and say “ENOUGH!”


we have this gem from the state of texas…

so my guess is nothing compared to what he did…


County judge responded to being tagging in one of the originally FB posts about the incident to a friend saying, “The case is being handled by the Waller Police Department since this occurred within the city limits.”

Rest of response for those interested:
“Thank you for tagging me. First, our thoughts and prayers go out to the cyclists that were injured this weekend. We hope that they recover soon. I also want everyone to know that we take these kind of things very seriously in Waller County. Waller County just prosecuted and convicted Victor Torres for 2 counts of murder when he hit and killed two cyclists on the south end of the County several years ago. He was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
In addition, I have posted on social media SEVERAL times over the years on the issues of cyclists in Waller County and I have condemned aggressive actions of drivers as well. I have gone to great lengths to educate people on the rules of the road and I have conducted summit meetings with MS150 and bike ride organizers over the years to increase education and safety in Waller County. This was all done in an effort to increase safety for cyclists and motorists.
I have often advised bike riders that get video of aggressive drivers to file complaints with the WCSO so they can be prosecuted.
This incident involved a 16 yr old driver. Clearly one that was being reckless, aggressive and careless as well. This incident is not indicative of any “tolerance” in regards to this kind of aggressive driving…. The case is being handled by the Waller Police Department since this occurred within the city limits. More than likely this case will be handled through the juvenile justice system.
We can advocate and post and educate all day everyday. There is road rage everywhere. Not just on the roads either. People are angry in general. There’s no tolerance for anyone else. It’s a sad commentary in general on what’s going on with our society.
We will continue to advocate for people to abide by the rules (both drivers and cyclists) and we will not tolerate aggressive driving towards a cyclists…
We all have to share the road. Motorists need to accommodate the cyclists and cyclists need to follow the rules…. Just a little respect for others goes a long way.”


wow. I’m amazed that he wrote so much in that response. I hope the city is as reactive as the county.


16 year old WTF :open_mouth:

(Maybe he then) made a mistake and ran them over.”

Maybe he made a mistake and ran them over instead of terrorizing? Fucking bullshit.


What exactly are people in the USA so angry about? My wife, a pub ed teacher in AZ, said she noticed an uptick in aggressive parent behavior a year or two after Trump took office. As an airline pilot in the USA we’ve certainly seen our share of behavior that resembles a petulant spoiled child. Our service doesn’t help but, certainly that is no excuse to behave so aggressively in a pressurized public tube. I guess I’m just bummed (and worried) at my fellow Americans behavior. We are better than this. We need to be better than this.

edit: not directed at you stefen_Waller. Just spring boarding off your quote…


We might have been once, but not any more. We are no longer a serious nation and are now just a collection of self-indulgent and entitled children.


Other countries aren’t any better :frowning:


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Real wages have been going down and down for decades. Health care costs keep getting passed on to employees. Can you say $3,000 deductible? The ultra wealthy keep getting wealthier and wealthier and pay little taxes.

Irrationally, people take out their frustrations on other groups - like the whole build the wall thing.

Covid has also given everybody a short fuse.


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Fair enough. Sorry Chad.


Goes out and rolls coal, ignores responsibility of looking ahead when driving, and runs over 3 cyclists before even applying the brakes. Hopefully juvenile justice system can ban him from driving for a decade. Clearly not capable of doing it safely.


It’s always a pickup truck. They tend to be aggressive even if your a motorist around them. It seems that pickups tend to attract bullies/assholes.

It’s one of the reasons why I prefer having a camera mounted on my bike just in case. I hope justice can be done.