500th Podcast Episode

Life balance while on training road.

How about some topics for mid life cyclists? Trainer road is mature product and adding features to avoid overtraining. How much of your current user base are riding for health and fitness more than winning competitions.


This parallels my preference. Along the lines of the Successful Athletes Podcast, I’d appreciate even a few brief highlights to “average” athletes leveraging TR than the more frequent “Champs” that seem the norm from that side.

I get that there are likely takeaways from those top performers, but I’d think there could be even more to learn from people making the most of their sub-elite level pinnacle fitness. Essentially, more emphasis on the people that make up the bulk of the actual TR user base.

Along with that, I’d love to see / hear a refresh of the broader data that Nate shared years ago in the “Bell Curve” topic.


I’d like to see a 5 minute super cut of every time @Nate_Pearson made a quick suggestion while they were in a drill down. e.g. “no, here’s what you do, use a milk frother to mix your recovery shake.” There are a plethora of gems like that in the last 466 episodes. :smiley:


Well said

Too much t8me spent talking to their mates/ elite athletes IMHO

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I’m not even into triathlon but I enjoyed the Kona episodes.


Talk to an everyday user (perhaps one of the first users of TR who still uses it
Glipse of the next 12 months of TR
A blooper reel of funny moments from the past

Maybe even create some commemorative edition merchandise/swag


Another idea is to do a super cut of all the times the studies said one thing early on, and then said something completely different one or two years later.


I like to hear what the stats are for the typical TR athlete. Age, FTP, hours trained, proportion inside/outside, AVE ride duration…etc

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Whatever the topic is, I’d love to see them all in the studio together.


I’m fairly sure that there is basically zero chance that a) Chad would be invited back to the podcast b) that if he was, Nate would be in the room, and c) if both A and B happened, it wouldn’t turn into an episode of Jerry Springer.

I don’t know what went down, I don’t want to know what went down, I don’t want others in the thread to speculate what went down … but whatever happened seems to have been bad enough to have made Chad’s separation from TR permanent and inviolable.


The original “three amigos” in studio were by far the best TR podcasts. Chad, Jonathan and Nate.