50 mile TT fall/winter planning (with two a day workouts)

I am a triathlete that is looking to switch my focus over to pure time trialing. I want to focus on 50 mile TTing. Here is a little bit about me, as I know that can help when people reply.

I have all the gear I will ever need.

I have a dialed in bike fit and am “comfortable” holding aero up to ironman distance.

I am healthy and fit.

I have done extensive base and endurance work and am ready to enter another phase of training for the fall and winter.

I have about 15 hours a week to commit to this training. Broken down as follows: Two a day workouts Monday-Wednesday-Friday (2 hours in the morning and 45 minutes in the evenings) Morning workouts on Tuesday and Thursday (2 hours available). Long ride Saturday and long ride Sunday.

It has been my experience in triathlon training that I do not need scheduled days off. I take them as needed but am comfortable going weeks at a time without a rest day.

I have been using the trainerroad catalog for a bit now and there are no training plans that build in twice a day workouts or attain 15 hours in the saddle from a time trial perspective.

I am interested in building my own training plan but am not sure where to start. Any advice or direction is greatly appreciated as I would like to start in about 1 month.