$5-$8K budget - what would you buy?

The question is literally what you would buy. So it is not about the wishes of the OP.


For road, Merida Scultura 9000
For gravel, Lauf Seigla Rigid Race Wireless + additional carbon wheelset for 2.2”


Yesss! Piuma Supreme? :slight_smile:

I’m still madly in love with mine!


There is a lot of value to be gained on bikes with Ultegra/Force. Not much to be gained going up a level either. You will never notice a shifting difference.

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Came here to recommend the Noah Fast :ok_hand: I’ve got the older Noah SL and love it.

time scylon
winspace hyper wheelset
Ultegra di2 12spd
already has saddle and PM pedals
probably need to compromise on cockpit a bit but should be able to just stay under 8k? maybe?

Factor Ostro

Fezzari Empire

Lauf Seigla

With an $8k upper limit you could make one more of a race bike (mid-range electronic drive train and carbon wheels), but not both.

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Fezzari Shafer with Ekar, second wheelset with road tires (thinking Enve 4.5AR), and Garmin XC200 pedals.

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Sweet. When I made a test ride last week, I was surprised at how comfortable it was, even with 25mm tires riding over stone pavement. Guess I am used to the Oltre XR4 that is super stiff.

Barely any difference going to third tier too.

I had my sights set on a Tarmac with Force AXS but ended up with the Rival AXS version due to availability issues about 18ish months ago. Shifts great.

FWIW, I have bikes with Ultegra Di2, X01 AXS, and X01 mechanical for comparison, and the quality/precision of the shifts is all about the same across the board.


Standard Piuma with the oversized headset. I already have a TCR Advanced Pro with 50mm Hyper and Ultegra groupset for the fast rides. I wanted something different for travels and long rides. Also braking on carbon rims is ok but I want something more reliable for hilly rides (hence the shamals).

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Hunt wheels $1000
Ultegra Groupset $2200

And whatever frame you like looking at. I am finding it really doesn’t matter that much.

I would buy a Cinelli Della Strada with waxed cotton saddle bags, and an Argon18 E-118 frameset, Campag groupset and 80mm wheels. And I did. :smiley:


I would try to find a Tcr advanced pro 0 with 11 speed ultegra di2, alternatively, a specialized Aethos comp and switch out the crankset to a Chinese power meter setup.

I know we all like the coolest “fastest” stuff, but at that price point, no bike is going to hold you back.

Just parts like wheelsets, power meters, tires, saddles for my current 3 bikes.
May get a new road bike in 2024 but for now gonna stick with what I have and upgrade bits here and there which also quickly adds up to >$5k Cad when its for 3 bikes.

I’d buy my Dogma F10 at 40% off again.

Or my SB130 T2


Where did you get that deal?!

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Another Parlee Rz7 if i was looking for a road bike. Not sure what their pricing looks like right now.