4iiii power a lot higher than Virtual power

Hi, I started TrainerRoad in Oct 2018 using virtual power and had an initial ftp of 143. This went up to 192 as of a couple weeks ago, this week I bought a 4iiii power meter and tested on the trainer and got an ftp of 257. Is this normal to have this sort of difference between the 2? Doing a quick search of the forum it seems virtual power usually overestimates real power

“Normal” is that Virtual Power doesn’t often match Real Power. Higher, lower or close all vary, and I have seen examples across the board. Your precise setup (trainer, tire, setup practice, roller pressure, tire pressure) can all impact what your VP number is compared to the TR VP setup that created their Virtual Power Curve for any given trainer.

The difference (high, low, close) is largely irrelevant and can not be predicted. If possible, just use the power meter as your primary power source in all cases (inside and out), and forget the old VP numbers.

You’ve made my day with that reply, I guess I was worried my new power meter was wrong.
Thanks for the great product :+1:

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  • For clarity, I am not Coach Chad Timmerman from TrainerRoad. I am “the other Chad”, Chad McNeese. I am not a TR employee, but I do help out on the forum with moderation and such.

  • And I do agree, they have a great product and support :smiley: