30mm internal width for gravel wheelset?

There’s a nice price discount for the Roval Terra CLX EVO. Very tempting to me for my new gravel “adventure” build. The wheelset comes with 30mm internal and weights 1350g.

I’m planning to run 44mm tires. This will allow me to run about 1.5 psi lower pressure, and will have more tire surface surface. The alternative for me would be Berd wheels, which get the improved compliance with their spoke system.

Wonder what people experiences and thoughts are with this set up.


This thread is timely because I’ve been thinking about running 45mm tires on my Cutthroat with Roval Control Carbon 29mm internal wheels. :thinking:

Per WTB, that tire/rim size will work but isn’t optimal.

Schwalbe doesn’t have it listed as compatible.


I think it’ll be a great set up, but outside of ETRTO specs so some manufacturers won’t recommend it. Do you know which tires you’ll run?

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Rene Herse’s 44mm. They recommend 25-28 internal. So I guess that’s my answer.

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They recommend up to 28mm internal width on the knobby tires, but 32mm on the slicks. Might be worth checking with them directly.

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Yeah. I think I would have to go 48mm to use the 30mm int width wheels.

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Heck, it’s not reccomended to use most of the current gravel tires under 45mm on HED Emporia Carbons with their 26mm inner width. :frowning:

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I have the RH 44 Snoqualmie Pass EL Tyres on GVX25 Berd wheels and love this combo for allroad and light gravel riding. I personally don’t see any benefit in going wider rims if you don’t plan on running 2.2“ tyres on the same bike/wheelset as well. I tried the RH Fleecer Ridge on 28mm id rims and they get too squared for my liking. Besides, they wouldn’t seat tubeless wheras with 25mm id it wasn’t a problem. Might have been the rim not the inner width tough. My 2 cents


Very Nice!. Can you say more about the Berd Wheels?…Are they are real improvement in compliance over metal spoke wheels?


Hard to say whether it’s the supple tyres, the low pressure, the wheels or the steel frame. They are crazy light though. Both the wheels and the tyres. I‘d buy them again if I had to decide anew.

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You don’t need to run berd wheels to use their Spokes. I have a set of we are one revive (25mm internal) with berds.

Very light, but don’t have enough time on them to provide educated commentary.

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Kinda off topic but when I read this I thought you were incorrect here because I just got a pair of CL’s that are listed as having a 25mm internal width but also, in Specialized’s words… the new Terra CL utilizes the same super light, incredibly tough rim as our flagship wheel.

And when you look at the specs for the CL it shows… Rim: Terra CLX Carbon Clincher

Guess I should have measured my wheels before I threw tires on them. Not sure whats going on here :man_shrugging:

EDIT, I missed that they are CLX “EVO”, not normal ones, 'doh

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Yeah, 100g lighter than the Roval Terra CLX

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The new Reserve Gravel wheel set is very interesting, hopefully they add DT180 hubs and shave some weight.

Oddly, Reserve launched with a hub choice - 350 or 240 or 180. At least one reviewer received a wheel set last year with DT240.

Now the website only shows DT 350 hubs. A month ago I had Mikes Bikes contact Reserve and got this text

“Reserve Wheels got back to me and they are no longer using DT240 hubs. The 40/44 gravel wheelset will be shipping around April.”

I had also asked them (MB) to quote me a build option - which came out to $2400 (rims at around $ 1300) with DT240.

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Looks like dt is only option on 77/88

Your screenshot is for the road wheel, not the gravel wheel.


Damn, I didn’t know there was a difference. But you’re right. Why run them on other wheels but not gravel