40/20 workout in calendar?

Is there any 40/20’s in the TR calendar? i can’t seem to find any, but such a classic must be in there somewhere?

Take a look at Barnard, Merced, and Rundle.


thanks, but guess TR somehow doesn’t have it. I basically want clouds rest, but 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest. Workout creator it is.

Did autocorrect kick in there? Not sure if you means loads of rest, or no rest :wink:
Rundle has much less rest than the others.

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Ah, got it :+1:
Grinton Moor has fairly long sets of work intervals, but it’s still not quite the format you’re after…?

Nah i literally want the one posted above, but with 40 second intervals, 20 seconds rest.

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If i use workout creator, i can’t use the ride outside feature can i?

That’s Barnard, Merced, and Rundle (and their variants), like @bbarrera said, unless I’m misunderstanding what you’re after:

All too short. Looking for ~12min sets.

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Really, 4:20 should be in your calendar daily.

May I ask, why the fixation on 40/20s in 12 minute sets?

It certainly makes it easier to time on a stopwatch because it’s one repeat per minute, but not really a big deal if you’re using the app.

Unlike Sweet Spot, I don’t think short-shorts have a progression where you increase interval length. When 30/15s become too easy, you just up the power targets…

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