11 speed to 10 speed on smart trainer


I’ve recently bought a new road bike that is 11 speed but my smart trainer has a 10 speed cassette on it. Does this matter or should I buy am 11 speed cassette? I will be using it in erg mode anyway?



If you are using it in erg, just find a gear where it is running smoothly and go with it.

If you want to ride Zwift and shift through gears as the terrain changes, get an 11 spd cassette.


yep, my experience as well. Put a 10-speed bike on an 8 speed cassette, no problem in erg mode, and even shifting worked fine. Just need to make sure the chain has narrower specs, ie is suitable for more gears, than the cassette allows. (e.g., 11 speed chain on 10 speed cassette, but not 10 speed chain on 11 speed cassette)

I’ve done the same. Running my partner’s 8 speed road bike with an 11 speed chain on a 105 11 speed cassette on the turbo. Shifting doesn’t work but it’s fine in erg mode.