2026 Cape Epic: Looking for a Partner

Looking for another 38 yr old TrainerRoad user willing to partner with me in training for a podium finish in the 40+ age group at the 2026 Cape Epic.

I’m located in Indiana, so preferably would be geographically close for us to meet up over the coming months to ride together.


Outside of my ability but stopping by to say good luck. That looks like an absolutely amazing ride of a lifetime.


The Masters category is pretty hotly contested. This year the winner was 23rd overall, so fast!! At that pace teamwork is very important(at any pace really) so finding a partner and riding a lot together is going to be important. Knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses is going to go a long way in how the week plays out. Good job working on finding a partner so far out

I am too old and slow to help you out, but best of luck and keep us updated on how you and your teammate progress.

I am in for 2025 and have been 4 times with 3 finishes. 7 sutures and a fracture to the patella took me out in 24.

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Sounds awesome!

Just wanted to bump this, I will only be 36 at that race and honestly the cost to do this would be outside my realm.

I fit the rest of your requests though!

Sick you are looking for a partner and wanting to compete in 2026 Cape Epic :fire:


Thank you!

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Good luck. And good to see some forward thinking. Usually master’s race planning is more chaotic than their xc starts.
40+ is pretty much the hardest age group out there. Beating it in a stage race is the boss level riding.

I am waiting for Cape Epic to open single categories. There must be a reason but I never like the push for duo teams in these races. It is so limiting and doubles the risk of a dns or dnf.

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I think you are probably too early for 2026. Most people won’t start looking for 11 months (i.e. 12 months out).

I am planning on riding in 2026 (I rode this year); next year is general fitness; then 9 months build towards Epic.

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