2024 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

Yeah, I’ve been super happy with my BikeYoke Divine and would definitely check out their wireless option if it ever comes to fruition.


I just hope SRAM eventually releases an upgrade kit that can go on existing shocks/forks. As far as I can tell, the damper/spring/etc. are standard stuff, it’s basically just replacing the cable actuated lockout/mode selector with a smart electronic version. It’s really not that crazy expensive as an upgrade if you are already buying a new fork/shock, but the only bikes I’ve seen it on are top spec crazy $ bikes. If I could have paid an extra $1k on my epic to upgrade to flight attendant, I would have done it, but I wasn’t buying a $14k s-works to get it. And I’m not going to buy a $2,800 “upgrade kit”, which really isn’t an upgrade kit but a completely new shock and fork that includes flight attendant.

From what I’ve read, it works well. But I’m also a bit of a control freak and a part of me doesn’t want a computer guessing what mode my suspension should be in. But most of the reviews I’ve read say it reacts quickly and does a nice job of keeping the bike in a good mode. If the price were right, I’d want it just to get rid of the cables and the automated mode selection would just be a bonus.


Sram has parts for the forks but of course availability is the question now since even complete forks are still limited aftermarket, but they said there will be no upgrade for the shocks

I want to see what Fox and Ohlins have in response. I’d like to have some active valving on my Lefty but that’s a pipedream

I contacted SRAM and they said that the forks were upgradable to Flight Attendant but the shock wasn’t.


I don’t think I’d want just the fork and shock, I’d want the whole system to see the full benefit.

What I’m more looking to hear, is how it changes some of the others bikes that have different suspension designs.

Pivot has the DW Link and now with the flip chip, how does FA handle going from the 115 to 106 setting?

And Evil has the other crazy suspension, how does it change it?

Just curious on this.

Jonathan just did the interview with the guys from RockShox, which is what has me thinking.


I believe the shock and fork comprise the entire system (unless you don’t have a compatible powermeter, then you also need the pedal sensor). And it obviously only integrates with the AXS drivetrain. If you had shimano drivetrain, I’m not sure if it still works with limited functionality or just doesn’t work.


Heard on mtbr the enve wheelset supposed to come out in august, ~1200ish grams which is pretty fantastic if true, external nipples and single wall. But all this is not confirmed other than the innerdrive hubs which is a given at this point

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Yea, you have to get a SRAM crank so that the sensors is turned correctly.

Right now, I think it’s about a $3,000 upgrade.

Without going full AXS

My SID Ultimate fork and SidLuxe shock are already fantastic. Pedal mode on long climbs open on the chunk. I am doubtful FA is a $3000 improvement in performance.

That said, I am still interested, though would want to demo it before dropping that much cash. I am sensitive to sounds and not a fan of the t-type shifting. I am curious if the sound of constant changing modes would bother me. (That and having 5-6 batteries on my bike makes me hesitate as well).


Valid points

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I don’t believe it integrates with AXS drivetrain really at all, it functions largely independently of that other than using similar/same controllers. Other than a PM/pedal sensor I don’t think FA is getting any data from other systems.

I believe it integrates with the drivetrain to get gear selection data. Not sure if that’s a required datapoint or not, but I’d assume 95+% of the folks who would be in the market for flight attendant are already on a wireless AXS drivetrain anyway. I don’t think you need to be on transmission, just AXS.

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I wonder if Giant will release an Anthem with Flight Attendant?


Spark RC with Flight attendant - SCOTT Spark RC World Cup EVO (EU) Bike (scott-sports.com) and https://www.scott-sports.com/de/de/product/scott-spark-rc-world-cup-eu-bike?article=4231757960010 , suprisingly only 1000€ price increase for EVO and 500€ for WC , BUT! WC now has HMF carbon not HMX [image]

Overall lots of interesting changes - 34T chainring now,Chain guard, Tubeless tyre repair kit, 4-piston brakes,

Weights are not listed, but with FA and Reverb axs and 4-pots with heavy HS2 rotors i assume weights are pretty high now.


Looks like the Epic WC may have gotten put in the backseat with the racers

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I saw somewhere it’s coming with no brain for next year with some new colors, still looks like an awesome bike

That would help it for sure

This from mtbr

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anyone switched from a 174 to a 168 T-Type crankset? I’ve been riding a lot more my gravel bike with sram wide road cranks and every time I switch to my xc bike with 174 qfactor vs the wide road 150 qfactor it just doesn’t feel natural anymore, I even used to ride with long spindle eggbeaters switched back to short spindle and now I’m considering switching to 168 qfactor cranks, but wanted to hear some feedback because it won’t be cheap to make that change