Road bike droppers

We have all (or most of us) heard Nate take about dropper posts on road and gravel bikes and oh man is he right. I broke my shoulder a few years ago and I’m 6’6” also (but not as thin as him) and you should see my seat post compared to my friends bikes, my butt is a foot above theirs! I put a dropper (external routing) on my Diverge gravel bike and love it! I even bought a second set of wheels to keep road tires on it, but it is a bit slower than say my Canyon carbon road bike. I’d love to be able to descend on my “fast” bike as fast as my “gravel” bike but I haven’t seen any good options. I can’t wait for an electric dropper of 27.2 but for now does anyone have any other suggestions for this?

Oh and yes I’m willing to pay the 1.5lb weight penalty, if I stop drinking beer I’ll start taking weight more seriously.

I don’t see a 1x setup as a viable option (my legs aren’t that strong).