2024 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

That thing is a little bit of a pain. If you fill your bladder to the line, it’s hard to get it in. Need to leave a little space or finish filling with the bladder in the sleeve.

I haven’t been using it, but I could try doing a test with it though using my black USWE to see how much it helps.

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I’ll give a more proper take tomorrow, letting trails dry out for today since we’ve had a lot of rain. My concerns with carbon spokes were potential fragility and overly harsh ride. On the fragility side, Nextie offers 3 different types of carbon spokes, mine are the mid-weight oval. They have an even lighter carbon oval that they say is suitable for XC but I passed on those. The ones I have they say are safe to use for any type of off-road riding but we’ll see.

On the compliance part, as others have said good supple tires and appropriate tire pressure are the first line of defense here. There’s an argument that you should let your tires and suspension do their job and for the rest of the wheel you generally want high stiffness for power transfer.

Regardless, I plan to keep my old Reserve wheels as well and have the Nextie’s set up with lighter tires for racing and/or less aggressive riding, then keep my reserves with beefier tires and inserts that I’ll put on if I know I’m going to be on particularly aggressive terrain.

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Do you plan on riding Conti Race Kings in 2.2“?

What’s the difference between this and the Outlander Pro 2? I am on the look out for one of the two

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DT240 and the cheaper option carbon spokes are the best compromise in terms of weight/price. DT180 are ridiculously expensive compared to 240 same paying 50% more for the lighter carbon spokes

I go through most of them in the video, weight, comfort, bladder size etc

Very little in the grand scheme of things. Bladder size is exactly the same, but my new one from Hydrapack came with a shutoff valve at the end. The back panel is mesh vs slightly padded, the bladder sleeve, a little bit lighter. Some minor buckle differences, but if you look at pictures I have two outlander Pro’s with slightly different buckles. Hard for me to say I could notice a difference between the two when I’m wearing them, and I’ve now done multiple 100+ mi / 6 hr + rides with each.

(Planning on selling at least one of the outlander pro’s - but I have multiple so I can do fast swaps at aid stations / drop bag areas in longer races)

Reworked my handlebar setup with a 6” wide esi, rewrapped the bars with the blips a little lower this time and under the handlebar tape

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I asked uswe on their social media and they said primarily just the weight (which is only like 20g or something) so I got a outlander 2 from the feed when they had a special where you got $25 off of hydration products with one

Current build with the new wheels
In person you visually can notice the carbon spokes but in the photos they just look like spokes, which is a good thing I suppose


I was tempted as I found a secondhand zfs-5 frameset for sale near me, but the lighter colour.

Asked Cervelo, anyone want to hazard a guess at how much heavier the sandy/beige colour frameset is than the black?

You could move up to a completely different class of frameset for the weight gain of having it painted. 230g (at best). I asked the bloke to weigh it, and frameset, shock, axle, seatclamp and shock lockout lever was 2.36kg.


For a large? Or still a medium?

For a large with white paint that wouldn’t surprise me too much, but that would surprise me for a medium.

I never got a true bare frameset weight on mine because I didn’t want to completely strip it down. As far as I did strip it my guess that a large black 120 with the SID shock, collar, axle is 1950-2000g.

It’s not the ~1800g fantasy I had but every claimed weight on bikes is always on a medium and I don’t know how much more a typical large weighs for comparison. My guess is at least 100g, maybe more?

love the all black look! killer build!

Cool looking frame. My white Epic 8 Evo frame is 2.2kg in size Large. Haven’t weighed the whole bike yet.

I wanted to drop back in here and update this thread with some pictures of my Nextie Alpha wheelset.

They look amazing and are coming in at 1044g on my home scale. I have a couple of tubeless ready rim-bed wheelsets but figured I would show some pictures of it here.

The carbon spokes are very stiff to the touch and much thicker than you think. I’m 195lbs and plan on putting the wheels through the ringer.

Anyone who has some questions or maybe wants to get a set on order should shoot me a PM.

I will be removing the red DT Swiss logos in the next day or so and post some more photos (I’m a big aesthetics guy).


Interesting our weights are slightly different since I think the only real difference is you got 6-bolt and I got center lock. Or did you get the aero spokes? They look oval but not sure what the aero ones look like.

I also don’t remember intentionally selecting mine to have no decals or branding. That’s just how they came, but I’d have been fine either way.

I’m hoping to get a longer ride on mine tomorrow but I did about 2 hours on them earlier in the week. They feel nice and snappy but I honestly can’t say if I find them harsher than other wheels. I think I’d need to ride the exact same section multiple times back to back swapping the wheels to see if I can really feel the difference, and that’s way too much work.

While the difference coming from some heavier alloy wheels would be huge, I also can’t say that they feel noticeably different to me than my Reserve wheels which are ~450g heavier. The ZFS-120 just feels so snappy and efficient when climbing compared to my old bike that I probably can’t discern the effects of individual component changes yet from the overall feeling of newness.

I’m interested in your experiences as you ride these because I’m in a nearly identical spot - new Blur TR with Reserve wheels. My old bike had wheels that were about as stiff as possible but also 2k+ total weight, so the Reserves do feel quite a bit quicker being about 1 lb. total and 100 g per rim lighter. I’m curious whether another pound/100 g makes a similar difference or if there is a point of diminishing returns (in terms of feel, not performance - lighter is lighter, obviously).

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Same as me, I have xc 28 with 1/1 hubs, can shave ~300-400 grams depending on how I build the wheelset, that’s wuite a bit of weight

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Has anyone ridden / raced an Epic Evo (7) and can comment in any tangible differences between the Low and High flip chip setting?

I ordered mine directly with Nextie and not via the website (which the website will let you choose these options now) so I outlined exactly what I wanted (decals and spoke type etc). You most likely have the NXTCS05 spokes which should net you a wheelset weight of 1018g where I opted for the NXTCS02 (Thicker carbon) spokes due to my size and riding style which was to net me a wheelset weight of 1040g. When you had ordered your wheelset the NXTCS02 was out of stock and the NXTCS05 was just released so they probably upgraded you.

Nextie really has a lot of options and can build pretty much whatever you want, I would be more than happy to help anyone navigate their catalog if they would like.

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