2024 XC Bike & Equipment Thread

Exactly my thoughts. Color is even better in person with a pink and teal shimmer to the white depending on lightangle. I‘ll try to photograph it in daylight one of these days


No; you don’t want flex, you want a shoe that fits you (or potentially some insoles).

Similar to my view on float; you don’t need float, you need a bike fit.

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I’ll echo the insoles comment. I recently changed shoes from the Giro VR90 to the S-Works Recon and I couldn’t BELIEVE the difference decent insoles made. The stock insoles were trash and swapping them out just to the $40 Specialized BG insoles appropriate to my arch height made them feel like entirely different shoes, in the best way possible.

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I mean, sure, marginal at best, but feel means a lot, especially to me. Like I said, stiffening up the frame around the drivetrain made a huge difference to me, so it got me curios. I’m on a hardtail (and weighing in at 220), these differences in stiffness make a big difference for the mental side, to me, its what makes it feel like a race bike. To a point, I’d love to extract as much performance out of myself as possible, but my ambitions of winning races have slipped in the last few years, hell, I’m riding a hardtail in a place where it is definitely not “faster”, there’s different ways to approach sport.

That said, I’m sure most cranks these days are “stiff enough”, but I did notice a difference in a few systems switching around on my CX bike 5+ years ago when I imagine there was a bigger divide.

Not happy with where I decided to put the blips, I like the bar wrap. Will move them down, so I can click using my thumb knuckles and wrap the tape around them! Hope I don’t make a mess with my last piece of bar wrap at home

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Beautiful bike. Ive been looking at doing the same.

~12m mark the new enve xc wheels according to them coming “soon”

Mine came on Friday but I’ve been sick so I haven’t been able to do more than a quick around the block test. All I can say so far is that they are indeed stupid light. Mine weighed in at 1023g vs a claimed weight of 1040g for the build options I chose with a DT240 hub. Rare to see anything come in under claimed weight.

As light as they are, I was hoping they’d tip my Cervelo build to be in the high 22lb range. It’s meaningless, but that’s the goal I had for this build. As it stands I’m at 23.3 ready to ride including pedals, 2 cages, an out front computer mount, and 5 oz of fresh sealant in each tire. To hit my arbitrary goal I probably should have weighed it before I put the sealant in but :man_shrugging:

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I did this video looking at the new USWE Race 2.0 if anyone is interested.


As a heavy sweater I absolutely would consider one of these for xc mtb. But I can’t get past that white with the red hose. Looks like you’re donating blood :sweat_smile:

as you said in the video once you hit mud this thing is gonna get caked. Yes you can chuck it in the washing machine but in my experience these white fabrics never get as clean as when it was new. And then it looks dirty all the time. I‘m waiting for other colors.


Yes the colour is a bit “look at me” easy to wash but as you said will it come out as white? I guess if you didn’t like the red you could just use a camelbak bladder or hose.

Aren’t we donating blood sometimes while out riding??


I have one. Pretty much the same as the prior version with some small incremental improvements.

I like the white so it keeps my mix cooler, no need to drink hot fluids on a long day in the sun. It does wash out fine too.

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I had the Outlander Pro (that I seem to have misplaced). I would guess they may only offer this in white since it’s a race version and the priority on staying cool. The bladder and hose are just standard hydrapak ones I believe, so you can swap stuff around as you’d like.

I think I’m likely going to pick one up


Correct. Same bladders.


The contents of the bladder are insulated with this alu-insert thing (see video). I know that bright colors reflect more sunlight but let’s not kid ourselves that a black hydro-vest would be that much hotter, especially since the fabric is not directly on your skin.

Owning both a white and a black USWE, I can assure you the black is noticeably hotter. :man_shrugging:


I find that hard to believe but since you have both I stand corrected

Hmmm….looking at two black packs right now….damn it!!


I’m curious what you will think of the carbon spokes, I’ve read mixed reviews of some people finding them harsh others liking them… but not specifically nextie, since it’s more common in road wheelsets currently. but supposedly roval will be releasing a carbon spoke wheel soon as well

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