2023 US Gravel National Championship in Nebraska


At least they didn’t schedule it against a Lifetime event…

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Will be cool for the American champ to be able to wear the national champs jersey for the LTGP etc.

Seems like a good prize purse for a championship race too

Well we won’t be seeing folks who want to contend here at Rebecca’s Private Idaho this year.

They couldn’t get this on the schedule earlier because why?

Seems weird to announce it this close. Wondering how many pros will need to adjust their race schedule.

My grandparents lived just north of this area. The landscape is hauntingly beautiful. But it is also very off the grid. Not much quinoa or espresso bars to be found. But you just might see some real life bison.


I think it’s kind of neat in a way how gravel racing has made flyover country into a cycling a destination with a number of popular races in the Midwest


I live a few hours north of there (Rapid City, SD) and have done the big gravel race/ride they do there in June. It is simply fantastic to ride this area. Amenities are somewhat austere, but the terrain is so rad. Good for them!


Bumping this because registration has opened. Any buzz for this?

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I was thinking about it, but I’m just going to focus on Grey Duck

I’m surprised by the lack of traffic in this thread. Wonder if someone has familiarity with the course. Looks like pretty easy gravel and some shots of easy single-track in the promo video….

Some more info

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So I see Keegan, Ted King and Stetina have all showed up for this weekend, per Strava.

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Here you go:

I wasn’t paying attention the price increases over the summer and missed twice on the lower options. Though my mobile device still has the price from the other day in the cart. :see_no_evil:

Is there any chance that top 3 of both men and women are softly forced to join overseas for a gravel Worlds? Because it would be lovely see them racing there in Italy.

Not likely……they are professionals, not amateurs riding for the national team. USAC has no influence over what races they do.

USAC will provide live results on this page. Elite men start at 6:30AM MT tomorrow and Elite women start at 6:45.

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How is Unbound not the default national championship already?

Not much of a field for the Elite women…

I assume you mean Unbound? If so, because it’s not a USAC/UCI race.


Looks like he is not only the default champion but the actual champion.