2024 USA Cycling Gravel National Championships

Sept 8th. Gering, NE.

Noticeable prize purse plus the ticket to WC attracted a pretty good list of pro riders last year.


If it wasn’t a 136 mile race I’d be tempted to enter. Ticket prices there are surprisingly inexpensive enough.

Any TR folk entering this event.

Also requires the $110 race license… none of the gravel races I do require a USAC license.

True, but wouldn’t you imagine a USAC race license being a minimum requirement to participate in the USAC gravel national champion event?

Sure but it factors into the cost, especially if you aren’t doing any other USAC sanctioned events.


The race license fee is just part of the deal - but also, you get an insurance benefit for your everyday training rides and group rides in case something happens. It’s actually quite “cheap” insurance if you think about the cost of medical bills. I’m going to buy it right now as a matter of fact.

I get why pros would go because there is an actual prize purse and they want to go to world champs. But as an amateur, buying a usac license to do one race in the middle of nowhere isn’t a thing I would do. Only way that makes sense to me is if they had a series of events throughout the summer that were good. Then it could be worth it and fun.

There’s a lot of people out there racing road/cx/mtb who buy the USAC race license who also race gravel. Everyone I know who went to gravel nats last year also races road or cx.

Everyone has their own reason, speaking for myself the chance to train for and try and win a National Title in my age group is reason enough to do that one single event. At the same time, I’ll pass on 130 plus miles…two more years and I’ll be able to the do shorter course.

I’m not seeing the distances. I know the sand and wind were pretty miserable for a few friends that went last year. Add that with the low-ish numbers compared to the higher/‘marquee’ events, drafting and finding a group was a bit more difficult. I’d like to try for it this year.

I’m basing the distances pff of what they used last year - I’m assuming that those won’t change at all.

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