2023 Cape Epic Discussion

For those looking for Keegan and Lachlan, they are wearing black kit, or were for the Prologue. Keegan is on a Santa Cruz, and Lachlan on a Cannondale. Ride what you know :smiley:


They didn’t do too well in the prologue. Anyone know if they had issues?

It’s seems Cape Epic is becoming a gravel primer, & too much stress/cost for dedicated XC racers & teams. Disappointing but evolution of all things.

Long race. I didn’t see anything about issues, but no need to win it on day one. In fact last year’s winners didn’t win a single stage, they just had very good times on all the stages.

Trying to make up time in a short stage is asking for trouble. Under that heat, with a rested body you can dig a big hole for a mere 1 minute lead.
Which you may lose back in a single hill.

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I think you have the years mixed up - last year, the men’s winners won 2 stages, the women’s winners won 3.

Probably right, I was multi tasking when they were talking about it, but still, you don’t have to win every day to win it all.

Very exciting! Looking forward to watching the stages. Stage 1 going through the Hemel en Aarde valley is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

Hope N1no’s tires hold up…

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What tires is Nino using this year? Last year was a disaster with him running some prototypes.