Progressing from a Canyon Endurace to a bike with more aggressive geometry (long legs, short torso)

Ok, so I currently ride an Canyon Endurace CF SL 8.0 Aero in Size S, but with a 100mm stem instead of the stock 90mm stem (canyon fucked up and sent the bike with the wrong cockpit, but I think it worked out ok). I feel really good on the bike, but I want something just slightly more agressive. Reach is OK as I have it, but I feel that I could be a bit lower in the front (stem is already fully slammed). Unfortunately I have pretty long legs and a short torso, but long arms.

Here’s a short video of me on my bike in non-aero position:

Here are my measurements:

Size: 173cm
Inseam: 83,5cm
Wingspan: 179cm

My bike has these measurements:
Size: S (ca. 54)
Reach: 376mm (+100mm stem)
Stack: 557mm
Crank Length: 170mm
Saddle heigth: 73cm (measured from center bottom bracket)
Saddle to bar drop: ca. 8cm

The Endurace already has a pretty agressive geo for endurance bikes, but I still want something a bit lower, but not longer (switchting to 90mm stem is OK).

Currently I’m thinking about the Cannondale Supersix EVO in size 51. It’s 23mm lower in the front and 2mm longer. If I switched to a 90mm stem, that would make it 8mm shorter.
Could this work or are there any other bikes I could consider? Unfortunately going one size smaller with the Endurace is not an option as it is only available with 650b wheels.

What’s your stem angle? Going from a -6 to -17 with a 90mm stem could drop you 17mm for example.

It’s -6, but it’s the Canyon Aero cockpit and changing it is kind of a hassle. Also I want a new bike :smiley:


Makes sense!! Can’t argue with a new bike :star_struck:

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This is quite a good site for comparing bikes

I’m 170cm, I’m also long legs short torso, more importantly, short arms. My “wingspan” is 2 inches shorter than my height.

I ride a 52cm Supersix Evo Hi-Mod with 100mm -12degree stem with no issues. Previous gen btw not current.

The difference between your Canyon and a 52cm Cdale might be big however so be prepared for that. Flexibility and preference will come into play.

Coming from S-works 52cm Tarmac, Aethos etc, I did notice the difference and went from a 110mm stem to 100mm. I think mainly due to stack and much lower headtube on the Supersix but don’t have numbers off the top of my head at the moment.

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Do you always ride in that style on the hoods? Bending your elbows achieves the same thing for free and it’s more aerodynamic.

Can you ride comfortably in the drops for long periods of time?

No, I almost never ride in that position, always either with bent elbows on the hoods or in the drops. When on the hoods I do aero hoods position 70% of the time. Regarding time spent in hood/drops I’d say it’s 50/50. But I live in terrain that is constantly going up or down and I don’t like climbing in the drops.