2022 Triple Bypass

Good luck to all you crazy people (not me… yet) doing the Triple Bypass in Colorado today. See you at the finish in Vail, where I have already started postseason celebrations for you :partying_face:

I have this ride on my 3 year plan. Course details, for those not familiar:



Ooof. Rain and cold and a sketchy Loveland Pass descent in the hail… People rolled the finish line packed in foil blankets.

Anyone who even thinks about maybe registering is a hero - this event has been removed from my 3-yr plan :joy::joy:


I did it last year and it’s an incredibly fun and beautiful when the weather is good. Sounds like it sucked today though. That also happened when my wife did it in 2011-ish, cold rain and people nearly freezing.


This was my 2nd year doing it. Last year was beautiful weather but my fitness wasn’t up to snuff (and was ill the week leading into the event). I finished but it took everything I had.

This year I felt much stronger physically, but the weather seemed to target me from being able to enjoy ANY of the descents!

light rain down Juniper pass, I summited Loveland pass just as the hail storm started & descended during its full might. Thankfully my family planned on being stationed in Keystone to cheer me on and were there with a change of kit. If I wasn’t able to sit in the car with the heat blasting for 20 mins and able to completely change my clothes I wouldn’t have finished. I couldn’t feel my hands for the whole Loveland descent and was pretty much shaking uncontrollably once I reached the car.

After drying off and regaining life the weather was beautiful for me until I started descending Vail pass, where the heavens opened up once again and I fought through a downpour all the way to the finish.

I rode 3 miles more than last year and finished with 10 mins less moving time. If I could have descended any of the passes in the dry I probably would have shaved 30-45 mins off of last year’s time.

Either way, I’m happy with how I could feel that I was noticeably fitter this year vs last. Even though I haven’t really stuck to much structured training and haven’t felt very strong on my group rides this year.

Triple Bypass is an amazing event and I’d recommend it to anyone, regardless of the bad weather we got this year!


Massive congrats!

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Cold, wet, cloudy day - makes me feel lucky I finished the double. Downhill after wet wet vail pass required a cautious pace.

Does anyone have a triple bypass training plan?



How fast do you want to finish?

I assume if you put Triple Bypass in as your A race, plan builder would probably spit out something like Sustained Power Build and Century specialty.

There’s nothing too steep on the course that would require any real spikes in power. Just being able to put out steady power all day long is what you need.

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