2022 Scott Spark

Yes, I ordered the RC (Team issue AXS). Considered the 900, but I thinks that’s just a bit too much bike for me and the trails I ride in the Netherlands. Mostly fast flowy trails and not much technical descending.

I’m coming from a >12kg hardtail with 100mm front fork, so I feel this is quite a leap foreward. Never ridden a full sus before.

Been looking for a new bike for a year now. Previous no1 was the Oiz TR, but the Spark ticks a few extra boxes of which the integrated rear schock is a big one. We ride a lot if wet muddy trails in the winter months, so this should save me some maintenance.

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As @Cleanneon98 said, there’s really not many bad full suspension designs now (from the main players) as everyone has raised the bar so much in recent years. I bet it’ll be great for you.

I have no idea what the trails are like in the Netherlands, but at least it might be more aero in the crosswinds with the shock hidden away :rofl:


I bet I’ll even get a bit of that sail effect due to the large bb area :joy:

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I think the idea behind the new Spark is to sacrifice some weight for more suspension. The end result is that it is a very light 120mm front and rear suspension XC bike. So comparing with the Epic EVO it has 10mm more rear travel and slightly more weight. The question then comes down to riding characteristics, rigidity…the frame encapsulating the rear shock might be more rigid but that’s all on paper. Would need to ride one…

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This seems to be one of the first reviews that was not part of the Scott Spark introduction day. Dunno how objective this channel is, but at least it’s something. So far so good! He also has a vid up with a tech walkthrough of the bike.

Hope to see some more critical reviews in the coming weeks.


ah man… I shouldn’t have watched that… now I REALLY want it


There’s also this: https://enduro-mtb.com/en/new-scott-spark-900-tuned-axs-2022-review/

Not as positive as I hoped for! Particularly the tall seat post limiting dropper post.

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I’ve never seen his reviews before, but that was interesting. He covered the points I was interested in (pedaling dynamic etc).

I agree with above, didn’t make me want it less that’s for sure :rofl:.

I won’t be getting one, but it’s lovely to dream.


Mainly criticism on the 900. The seat tube height is no issue for xc racing as no one will run a huge dropper for xc anyway. Same for the tires and other spec not up for hard trail riding…
So yes the 900 is a step up from the RC, but maybe not the right bike if you are looking for a maxed out trail bike. Anyway so many choices out there, but the rc ticks Al lot of boxes for me

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Yeah I would probably take a review for an XC bike from a website called “enduro-mtb” with a grain of salt.

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For sure!
I was hoping this bike could be the perfect quiver killer if you bought an extra fork.

  • 130mm fork for party.
  • 120mm fork and flip the reach headset for business.

Getting the seat properly out of the way is a big deal for spirited trail riding though, so maybe the Spur is the better choice

I only skimmed it (as I am not enduro focused) but what did they say the limit for the dropper was? I know they noted the seat tube being tall, but i find it surprising he couldn’t get the seat far enough away unless he has short legs.

Unless he wants something like a 210mm enduro dropper.

That Spur isn’t really a quiver killer either though is it? Sacrificing some XC chops for extra shredlyness (opinion formed from YT/online review, open to change)

Yes, that was not clear to me either. If it fits a 150mm dropper in size medium, that’s good enough for me. You’re right the Spur isn’t the perfect bike either. I was hoping this one could be.
Hoping my next bike would be the perfect XC Marathon slayer that would also do well in XC with minimal modifications.

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The thing that got me was “no I’m not surprised, the prior bike was dialled, and the is equal to that…”

Equal? Oh good, I’ll keep my 2018. :smiley:

Seriously though, looks awesome I really want some 35mm SIDS on mine but they seem forever unavailable,

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Has anyone heard about availability of new Sparks in the US? My LBS is telling me to be patient. I am not patient…

July 28th is what my LBS told me.

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Really? That’s quick. Do you know if that’s the bikes that will be sold to customers, or de demo model?

Read somewhere that Scott is sending demo models first to give potential customers the ability to test ride. Actual sellable models would arrive later in Q4 this year. Not sure if that’s just old news and things have been adjusted though.

Edit: starting to think I may have missed the sarcasm :sweat_smile:

Looks like he rode an XL which had a 150mm dropper.

I meant that’s when they are supposedly available to pre-order


Probably already seen by most. But a cool look at the internals.

Also, speaking to the seat height when dropped. 150mm seems plenty for the target riding of this bike? As someone said above, it’s no enduro rig.