2022 Giro d’Italia Thread

He didn’t seem to have the form to be honest - a very welcome surprise - love Thomas De Gendt.

He will still try and get in the breakaway at some point today too.


Almeida moved up in GC and the race is tight.

Porte put in a stonking ride today up the BH. Massively impressive.

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If there’s a rider I’d want to emulate it’s TDG. Such a monster engine, and has great race smarts to pull breakaways off when everyone knows Thomas De Gendt is going to try and do a Thomas De Gendt!

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Man, such impressive rides by both Almeida and Hinley today…honestly, I still see them as benefiting from the lack of field depth at the Giro in 2020, but hats off to both of them today. They just rode to their strengths, never let it get to them mentally and kept coming back.

Yates…man, what a disappointment. Guy shocks everyone by winning the TT when it is not his strength but drops back the second they get to the final climb.

Landa also had a great day, but it seemed to me that he was holding his left shoulder funny as he rode the final climb. It looked noticeably higher and his left hand appeared to be placed shorter than his right. I hope he didn’t seriously injure his shoulder in that crash.

Bardet finally hitting his stride in DSM kit, as well.

I thought the GC picture would gain some clarity, but I think the opposite actually happened. Fewer guys dropped out of the picture and they weren’t the ones I expected to rise up.


I thought it kind of did get clearer. If Yates is not on the level his TT indicated, I can’t imagine the rest of the field sticking with Carapaz for another two weeks?

Just my gut instinct/2c of course.

Yates always starts strong but can never finish.

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That’s not really true, he blew up fairly spectacularly in the 2018 Giro, but he’s also got a GT win, 3rd and 3 other top 10 finishes, he’s a pretty solid GC rider. And we’re only on stage 9 with the GC battle just getting started, I don’t think fatigue can possibly explain him going from winning the TT to losing 11 minutes on a mountain stage in just a week. I’d guess either his knee is injured more badly than they admitted from his crash the other day, or something else is at play like getting sick.


the first time after years of no watching Giro, Tour, etc. cause of all this Doping things in the past!

i like GCN+ now and look arround on cycling broadcasting, but what the hell, where i can get this Giro socks they have all?

GC battle looks very open to me! Exciting!

I think this may be the year my boy João Almeida is going to get Top 3 at the Giro. He usually has a strong 3rd week, so fingers crossed :grin:

I am just saying he might have won the 18 Vuelta but besides that he has not. Unless I don’t remember correctly of course. I like the guy and root for him but he is not winning anything like Tadej currently, Froome in the past, etc.

Regardless it is has been a very exciting Giro so far.

I sort of agree with both of you, Yates does have a bit of a (maybe undeserved) reputation for pushing too hard too early and popping before the end of a 3 week tour.

But I don’t think that is what happened this time - i think this must have been an injury he has picked up.

I can agree with the injury for sure on this one.

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He said in his post race interviews that while the knee was bothering him, he also did not cope well with the heat yesterday.

Well, there is a reason those guys are as dominant as they are / were….they are generational talents. Rarely do you get two of those at the same time….everyone else is left fighting for the leftovers.

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My stoke level is set to maximum after yesterday! It seems so evenly matched currently, that it could be a very exciting GC race this year. I will continue my limb stepping exercise, and maintain my pick of Bardet for the overall. It is really good to see Landismo doing so well, and hopefully he can finally give a GC performance without the bad luck he usually gets. It will be interesting to see how Hindley and Almeida go, they are the two most interesting characters to me from that next group.

Next week has little GC implication (likely), with maybe only one stage for them. Last week there’s only one stage will not be interesting to the GC :drooling_face:

I hate rest days.


I logged onto gcn+ on my ipad and been watching the velodrome UCI series “back on track” on the gcn+ tab. very well done