2022 Giant P-X2 wheels inner rim width?

Hi everyone,

I just received my new 2022 Giant Revolt Advanced 2 and it comes with Giant P-X2 wheels for which there’s no information on. I’m trying to figure out the width of the wheels but I do not have access to digital calipers to measure the inner width of the rim. There’s a sticker saying ETRO 622-25 on the rim but I’m almost certain the 25 refers to the outer width. Anyone with the same wheelset on their Giant bike that could provide a measurement? This would help me determine what pressure to run. I believe they updated the rim width in either 2021 or 2022 as it use to be 19mm. I’m pretty sure they’re 21mm to 23mm but any confirmation would be appreciated.

Thanks all!

Not sure if this helps since it’s a 2021

I have a Revolt too, but it has CXR-2 rims.

They sure looks the same as my wheelset. I’d be happy if they are indeed 24mm which also make sense as the max tire size is up to 53C and pretty sure you cannot safely run this width on narrow 19mm rims.


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Why would rim width determine your tire pressure?
If a rim indicates 622-25 it should refer to the internal rim width.
I have P-X2 on my TCX, they are wiiiiide.

As rims get wider, the amount of pressure the tire places on the rim rises. You need to lower the pressure the wider the rim gets. You can play with this to compare


I am also interested in this. Have the same bike and wheels.

I have the same bike and I believe they’re 25mm inner width.

As said before: