First Gravel bike. Diverge vs Breed

Hi all,

I am looking at getting a gravel bike. I currently own a road and TT bike and have never ridden off-road.

My main uses are:

  • Audax rides that incorporate large sections 50% of unsealed roads
  • Local MTB trails (beginner) that are suitable for gravel bikes
  • Road rides in the wet or just slow group rides on our rough country roads
  • And a late addition to my list…CX racing. A friend piqued my interest.

I have narrowed down to 2 bikes, Specialized Diverge Sport and Felt Breed 20

I have been offered good prices with the Diverge $200 more.

Key features

Diverge Sport

  • Sold by the LBS that sponsors our club, I get on with the boss and staff very well
  • Full carbon frameset
  • Future Shock
  • PF30
  • Shimano 105 (standard road, not the new Shimano GRX)
  • Praxis crankset
  • 2 water bottle mounts inside frame, 1 underneath
  • Tyre clearance 650b = 47, 700c = 42
  • Wheelset DT470 700c

Breed 20

  • Carbon fork and seatpost, alloy frame (hydroform).
  • T47 BB
  • Will buy a Red Shift ShockStop stem which can be moved between bikes unlike Future Shock
  • Sram Force 1x
  • Praxis crankset
  • 3 water bottle mounts inside the frame, plus possibly another on the top tube
  • Tyre clearance 650b = 53, 700c = 47
  • Wheelset Devox (Felt) 650b tubeless
  • I own 2 Felt bikes and have had no issues, love them

Thanks for any input.

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No inside info here, but I would think a new Diverge would be coming soon. The new Roubiax has the version 2 Future Shock with a lock out and I’d assume that it’ll be on the next Diverge as well. As I understand it the new shock is much better then the original which is still on the Diverge.

Maybe not a deal breaker but something to look into.


Interesting comments about FutureShock 2.0 (the new headset suspension in the 2020 Roubaix) going into the Diverge.

FWIW . . .

Back in 2017, I rode the 2017 Diverge in NH on a trip on gravel, hard pack dirt and on pavement. What a fantastic bike and experience! I was amazed at the speed I was able to take over the rough terrain with it. And more FWIW: 2 former Olympians and 1 national champion in our area (SF Bay Area) that I have spoken with have similar feedback about their 2018 Diverges.

I have no knowledge of the Breed 20 to provide any comparison.


Breed. I owned a diverge expert and Eh :man_shrugging: I didn’t like the future shock. I was open and receptive to it I just didn’t like the way the bars moved. Plus the breed comes with Force so there’s that.

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Diverge is at the top of my list. I want the new model.

I’d buy a giant

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I bought a Giant Revolt Advanced and I love it. Its bullet proof and I weigh 102kg. I bought the ‘base’ model with the idea of upgrading it. I love it and couldn’t recommend it more – however the market is crazy right now with new bikes so it all depends what you like.

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Thanks everyone. Any further input would be appreciated.

For me, the pluses for the Breed is:

  • Extra 6mm tyre clearance. With my lack of skill, I might just need that.
  • Bottle placement
  • T47 BB. Hassle free and versatile
  • Starting on 650b wheels with fat tyres, I think is good for me
  • Adding the Red Shift ShockStop stem means it can moved between bikes or be removed if I don’t like it, like RoadMilitia82


  • Full carbon frame, although watching this makes me wonder if FACT 9r carbon would offer any better performance than Felt’s top aluminium…
  • FutureShock could be better than ShockStop…if I like it.
  • I think I’d generally prefer 2x although for CX racing I hear 1x is much better due to the rapid changing of terrain and never exceeding 33km/h.
  • Prefer the shop that’s selling this.

Nukeproof Digger Pro, I mean just look at it:


What were these Olympians and National Champ’s bike discipline?

Road Race (e.g. 2008 Beijing Olympics)

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I have a 2018 Diverge Comp. I’ve had it over a year now and it’s been flawless.

I have the stiffest spring in the future shock and that seems to work great for me.

The Body Geometry saddle offers a lot of comfort. My longest gravel ride has been 120 mile and I have to say it was pretty comfy.


If anyone is interested, I wrote a post back in April comparing the Venge, Tarmac, and Roubaix based on a meeting I had with Cameron Piper, professional racer and product manager at Specialized. If you scroll down to: "The 2020 Roubaix has been 3 years in development . . . " you will find a description of what Future Shock 2.0 is all about.


I have a 2019 Diverge. Great bike. That being said if you aren’t being given a hell of deal on the Diverge wait and look at the 2020’s with the new FutureShock.

For me I would never go 1x on a gravel bike and would want a carbon frame. I used to have the Niner RLT9 aluminum. Great bike but after riding the carbon framed Diverge all summer I would never go back to aluminum.

Although I love the Diverge if I were to do it over I would pick up the Giant Revolt. It’s all about the tire clearance.

I haven’t seen a gravel bike with clearance to match the Breed.

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Seems to come stock on 650 x 47, which is actually something I have seen listed as possible on a number of bikes IIRC (Salsa Warbird to name one).

What is the max for the Breed at 700c?


You may or may not like the 1x if you are used to 2x road gear spacing. I have done a couple long group road rides on my Salsa Cutthroat and missed the tighter gear spacing on a couple long gradual climbs trying to find that perfect gear and get spun out when the guys want to start rolling 30mph. My Normal training rides, gravel rides, and mtb trails are perfect with the 1x. On a side note i love my Cutthroat and use it for everything. Its a tire change away from being whatever you want it to be. I have ran it with a 100mm travel fork and 29x2.3 mtb tires all the way down to 700x32c tubeless road tires.

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I have an original diverge, test rode the new version and have heavy researched and test rode the breed. I would say go for the breed. I liked everything about it other than the weight, but it wasn’t terrible. It will give you a pretty racy geo and the 650bs, for a good price. As someone else said, tire clearance is key. If you wanted lighter/carbon, the Giant Revolt is very very close in the geo department.

The Diverge is a great bike but I put it in the camp of all-road - less clearance, much tighter wheelbase. Since you have a road bike, this shouldn’t mean as much to you. Plus, proprietary parts…Lastly, I may be wrong, but as a member of the diverge fb page, I think I saw that oddly the 2020s won’t have the new future shock.


Are there any changes for the 2020 Diverge? Been waiting for them to release it and if they don’t change anything then I might go pick up a 2019

This post with the new 2020 S-Works appears to include the new FutureShock, but lacks the lockout control. So I think this might be considered the FutureShock 1.5 model?