2020 XC Bike Thread

Did you make a deission between these. I am looking at the Epic, Blur and Spark.

Will be test riding (on trails) the Spark and Blur next week. Sadly no option to test ride the Epic.

I decided to go with the Cannondale Scalpel SE.

This wasn’t really a “reasoned” process per se so much as a process of the heart, because all of the bikes I was considering will be awesome, all of them will be a huge change / step-up from my current rides, test rides are not really feasible for me at this point, and who knows what a test ride would even tell me, given that i will not have dialed the suspension and setup perfectly to my liking.

They will all be great and I could love all of them, i just looked at teh design philosophy and picked the one that i thought matched up best with me (i.e., a little bit extra travel plus excellent and efficient pedaling in trail mode) and went with it. Plus i love that you get carbon wheels at the SE1 price point. The BMC Fourstroke LT 1 Two is an otherwise comparable bike that gives you aluminum wheels for $500 more.


Orbea Oiz - under 10kg for under $10k?

Flow: if I was on the lookout for a new race bike, the Oiz would be right at the top of my list

Demo rides scheduled for Saturday.

Blur and Scott Spark RC. get to try in both medium and large (as I am in the middle on the Blur).

Proper demo rides on trails.

I also have a Epic Evo reserved - but can’t demo.

May delivery according to the website :frowning:

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I recently did a lock-out test- Hill repeats on a chunky gravel road on my Canyon Lux XC bike. 90 sec efforts @ 400watts seated the whole time, 90 - 100 rpm.

I did half the efforts locked out (almost no compression) and the other half fully open (roughly 20 - 25% sag).

Results: I was surprised. With same power output, I climbed at almost identical speeds locked and unlocked. Unlocked felt better. On the locked-out efforts I found myself wanting to unlock the suspension to soak up the bumps for me. With the bike unlocked I felt like I could focus more energy on a smooth fast peddle stroke. While locked I felt my body getting jarred and it was harder to keep a good rhythm.

Take-away for me: When seated and climbing on singletrack/gravel keep the bike unlocked. I only have need for the lockout on pavement or really smooth gravel or when doing an extended out-of-saddle effort.


Pedal stroke smoothness (or torque effectiveness) is under-appreciated in this conversation. Suspension bob is not inherent in a pedal stroke as I believe you implied

I’m really interested in picking up a new Evo, but they are obviously tough to come by. Does anyone know of any S Works frames in the Blue/Black/Silver in size Large available anywhere? I’ve spoken to 3 dealers, all of whom are unable to locate one at this point (I realize I may be too late).

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So as it seems I’ve switched bikes. Or I’m still awaiting payment on my 2020 Orbea Oiz M-LTD sale so it’s still in my possession. However I picked up my 2021 race-bike yesterday.

Aaaaaaand it’s a… (Scott Spark RC 900 World Cup AXS)


I just wanna know what the retail is on “sponge”

So I just learned something a little interesting. While looking up the new Trance X I spent some time looking at the regular Trance. Turns out geometry wise in XL it’s almost identical to an Epic Evo.

No lockout on the Maestro, but it seems like a much better option than I’d ever thought.

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Demo’d a Spark RC and two Blur’s yesterday. One large in TR setup and one Medium in XC setup.

Firstly I did not get on with the Spark RC at all. I really wanted to like it - and I think they are great value for money. I found they rely heavy on lockout and when climbing steep I struggled to keep the front down, no matter if locked out or open (or in the middle)

On the Blur’s I did not feel i needed to use lockout once. They pedal extremely efficient and climb very very well. Agree with you right up there at the top.

Sizing the Blur is a little tricky, as I sit right at the cusp between medium and large. I am 174cm heigh, but with a 84 cm inseem. How have those that have Blur’s found sizing?

I have a Epic Evo on “lose” order - so for me it is about the Blur or the Evo. The one thing that puts me off the Blur is that it is due for a refresh. That obviously does not make it a bad bike - it just means whereas the Evo is bang up to date - the Blur is likely to be different in a year’s time.

There’s a huge (6-8lb) weight difference between the Evo and Trance Advanced Pro 2, but I agree that the Trance looks awesome as a short travel trail or non-competitive XC bike.