2020 XC Bike Thread

I feel slightly guilty as I may have started the lockout topic… :grinning: But agree, let’s move to talk about new bikes. I am still uhming and ahing between the purer XC bikes like the Spark, the Scalpel or something with a little more travel like the Top Fuel or the Scalpel SE.

I ride mainly endurance type events and my weakness is going down - so am thinking something with a little more travel and a little less steep HA may benefit me.


Meet yourself in the middle? Like a intense sniper or epic or spark with a slack head angle but not 120mm of travel and extra weight.


I carry plenty of extra weitght as it is :joy: :joy:

Yeah I really like the look of the new Spark RC’s with the 110 fork. I live in Michigan so I don’t need a full on trail bike but I also don’t want a “full on XC race bike” like a Lux.

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Just to bring all this discussion full circle, Elden “Fatty” Nelson was talking on the Leadville Podcast about the Lefty he put on his Air 9 RDO single speed build this year and took it to Leadville to ride the course with his wife Lisa “The Hammer” recently. Somewhere along the way the lockout broke and the Lefty ended up defaulting to the locked out position. Not ideal…

He mentioned that he thought the newer Lefty’s didn’t default to be locked out if the cable/remote broke, but the model he had did. That would really suck if it happened during a major event.

BTW, taking a road trip with the Supercaliber to IMBA Bronze Ride Center - Brown County Indiana this weekend. I think the SC is going to be a lot of fun on the fast, flowy but also sometimes technical trails there.

I was watching this last night

Was slightly surprised to see the oiled sponge solution (from around minute 6). What are the service intervals on this?

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Does the lefty come with a lockout? :rofl:


This is the service manual but it doesn’t actual state the service intervals.

On the written BikeRumor.com review there is a comment near the bottom that explains how to get the sponges back into place.

To get the foam blocks between the carbon carrier and the stanchion insert the strut assembly until it is just in front of the damper body mount hole, Insert one foam block from the back and stick a finger up into the damper body mount hole from below and guide the foam block into place. Repeat for the otherside. Once the front edge of each block are in place, slide the isostrut home.


Was just looking at the Orbea website. Delivery time for a Oiz M Pro is now 1 May 2021

That rules Orbea out…

Shame, cause I like how you can customise some of the components - like shorter cranks.

Wonder if they are launching something new.

their UK website has been "on hold’ for the last days

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Can’t resist since you seem to have such a handle on the subject. It’s damping not dampening. :wink:

I’m not arguing the merits of a remote lock out switch in an XC bike thread. The subject of mountain bike suspension deserves it’s own dedicated thread. We’ve both derailed this one enough, I had taken issue with your initial explanation, but didn’t give the best response myself.

Back to the bikes. :slight_smile:

So I’ve just been looking up the Scott Spark RC and Top Fuel models online and both have Press Fit bottom brackets.

Are there any 2021 XC/DC bikes that utilise a threaded bottom bracket?

The Spur uses a threaded BB.


Spesh Epic’s too.

Ibis Ripley if that fits the category.


Blur tr


How would U know ??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Copied and pasted from the internet like the rest of the list but you are correct.

Crikey you lot. Lock it. Don’t lock it.!?!?!?

Buy a bike in a colour you like from a brand you like.


Maybe even try out this new fangled riding in your living room hooked up to a computer thing and get fit that way too.

Ride your bike on the trail.

Do some skiddies because you’re just a big kid at heart.

Have fun.

There really isn’t much more to it.


Did you make a deission between these. I am looking at the Epic, Blur and Spark.

Will be test riding (on trails) the Spark and Blur next week. Sadly no option to test ride the Epic.

I decided to go with the Cannondale Scalpel SE.

This wasn’t really a “reasoned” process per se so much as a process of the heart, because all of the bikes I was considering will be awesome, all of them will be a huge change / step-up from my current rides, test rides are not really feasible for me at this point, and who knows what a test ride would even tell me, given that i will not have dialed the suspension and setup perfectly to my liking.

They will all be great and I could love all of them, i just looked at teh design philosophy and picked the one that i thought matched up best with me (i.e., a little bit extra travel plus excellent and efficient pedaling in trail mode) and went with it. Plus i love that you get carbon wheels at the SE1 price point. The BMC Fourstroke LT 1 Two is an otherwise comparable bike that gives you aluminum wheels for $500 more.