2020 USAC XCO Nationals Qualifiers

I am curious what events people are racing to qualify for XCO nationals in Winter Park in 2020. It doesn’t look like official qualifying criteria have been posted yet on the USAC website. Is the assumption that one still needs three starts to qualify like last year? When I search for qualifying races in CO, the only ones I see are the 6/20 qualifier at Winter Park, the G3 race and then state champs in Crested Butte the week before nats?

In all honesty, I can’t hang at a race like nats yet but I am interested in how this process works for the years ahead.

Subscribing. I got no answers as I was doing the same kind of exploring and had learned nothing prior reading this thread.

It is usually just three USAC starts for championship CAT 1…I think anyone can sign up for non championship classes.

They updated the qualification rules. A single USAC race will qualify you for 2020.

If there is one.