2020 Roubaix Team edition vs Tarmac SL7/SL6

Does anyone have experience with these two to compare? I test rode a size 56 SL7 tarmac with carbon Aerofly II bars and it felt good on the short ride (less than a mile). It didn’t feel too harsh at all. But was thinking, would the Roubaix team edition be better? The team version in size 57 seems the be the same geometry at the tarmac in size 56 so it gets me in the lower position I want. Does anyone know how they ride differently? The bottom bracket is lower in the Roubaix and the chainstays are 5 mm longer but don’t know how that impacts things.

I don’t race but I do like pushing myself and with being the slower one on group rides (pre covid) want to be as fast as I can be. Did ~5000 miles last year with most of my rides 40+ miles and love doing centuries (12 last year) so want something good for distances. I don’t plan to ride on any gravel or cobbles as there isn’t much of that in Maryland anyway but the roads like I’m guessing everywhere are mostly good but aren’t perfect. Its not flat around here (3000ft every 50 miles on avg) and usually seem to fall off the group on climbs so want something that can climb well. My current bike seems to flex when out of the saddle and doesn’t feel like it climbs well.

Is there be a significant difference in comfort? Would I be compromising performance in a noticeable way to get there? I realize the Roubaix is heavier but it’s still lighter than my current frame so don’t care that much.

I’m trying to replace my Fuji Gran Fando. After I got that I noticed on long rides the more upright position of the endurance geometry (about as upright as the regular Roubaix) was not as comfortable as my previous bike which is why I’d only consider the team version, don’t want to be more upright. My previous bike broke and was in a rush to replace it back then so this time I want to make sure I get the right bike.


Did you ever get any replies? What decision did you finally make. Have pretty much the same dilema myself!!

Never saw this thread but rode the Roubaix for a year and the SL7 for around a week.
The Roubaix Team is a dream bike. Rides very well, super nimble and light, yet has a lot of comfort.
Probably one of the most overlooked bikes there are.
I really loved the bike BUT I figured I didn’t need the added comfort of the seat post clamping and the future shock.
An Aethos with 28c tires and thick bar tape now does the same for me (a little lighter, a little less comfy).
If I had one bike and one bike only, it would be the SL7.
I am super aero/ racing focus though.
If you want 98% of the speed of an SL7, but more comfort, the Roubaix is :ok_hand:t2:


Job issues from covid and lack of supply… No decision yet

What disadvantage does the Roubaix have? The weight difference doesn’t seem to be enough to matter for me. I only plan to have one bike for outdoor riding (the current bike is more a backup and left mounted to the trainer, not useful as a different type of bike)

The SL7 is lighter, a little more aero, and looks a little more sleek.
Also, when they released the Roubaix Team in 2019, it was special that a race geo bike had enough tire space for 34mm tires (measured). Now Aethos, SL7, Emonda etc have that, too. And tires are pretty important for me

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Gonna agree with @Aeroiseverything here!

I have a Tarmac SL6, as well as a S-works Venge, and have previously had a S-Works Roubaix (same one as Aero has/had), and I have to say that the Roubaix is hands down my favourite bike of all time.

Super nice ride, fast, comfortable, stable.

Its one of those bikes that you feel that you can ride really fast on, but not sacrifice comfort. It was a dream to have on training camp on Canary Island and Mallorca where one does a lot of long rides, and where it might have been a bit more fatigue from a pure race bike.

I really really enjoy the Venge and Tarmac, but for me those are the bikes I ride when I need to go fast, if I were to have a bike where its lots of miles in the saddle, training etc, Roubaix is killer!

I would really have a close look at the Roubaix and consider it. The softer ride is a savour on 3+ hour rides. Everything under that the body (at least for me) can handle most bikes and be comfy.

To quote Aero: “If you want 98% of the speed of an SL7, but more comfort, the Roubaix is :ok_hand:t2:

Totally agree with that, so unless you are looking for those last few watts (we aren’t pros, so shouldn’t matter…) I would go with Roubaix.

Side note, if you do a lot of climbing, I would look at Aethos!


I haven’t ridden the Roubaix Team. Started this year on my gen1 Trek Domane, test rode a Madone and a 3T gravel bike. Over 5 years I’ve logged a lot of long rides on the Domane, including a double century. Picked up a Tarmac SL7 Comp a month ago, and after a couple 3+ hour rides in the mountains was blown away. The SL7 is comfortable, and I would be happy to do a century ride on this bike. I’m late fifties and not as flexible as my younger years. Thought endurance geometry with comfort features were ‘better’ for me. But this bike with two sets of carbon wheels has changed my opinion - I’ve got Enve mid aero optimized for 26c tires, and Bontrager 32mm wide external for 30c and 32c tires to smooth out rough roads and dirt/gucci-gravel. This is one bike to rule them all.

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Roubaix Team edition is out of production going by an email from specialized. (Lost job from covid effect on work last year so put off getting a bike and now that I’m looking again…)

Hmmm, that makes me wonder if they are going to release a new one soon, OR, that they are going to force them to ride the Tarmac for Paris Roubaix…?

Hey what is the stem on the roubaix in this picture (I have this bike but that stem looks awesome and I love the Roval white decals)

Bar and stem are both THM. Pretty light, but I like my new set up (Extralite Hyperstem + Schmolke TLO Oversized) better, it weighs less and costs less too.

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