2020 Roubaix Team edition vs Tarmac SL7/SL6

Does anyone have experience with these two to compare? I test rode a size 56 SL7 tarmac with carbon Aerofly II bars and it felt good on the short ride (less than a mile). It didn’t feel too harsh at all. But was thinking, would the Roubaix team edition be better? The team version in size 57 seems the be the same geometry at the tarmac in size 56 so it gets me in the lower position I want. Does anyone know how they ride differently? The bottom bracket is lower in the Roubaix and the chainstays are 5 mm longer but don’t know how that impacts things.

I don’t race but I do like pushing myself and with being the slower one on group rides (pre covid) want to be as fast as I can be. Did ~5000 miles last year with most of my rides 40+ miles and love doing centuries (12 last year) so want something good for distances. I don’t plan to ride on any gravel or cobbles as there isn’t much of that in Maryland anyway but the roads like I’m guessing everywhere are mostly good but aren’t perfect. Its not flat around here (3000ft every 50 miles on avg) and usually seem to fall off the group on climbs so want something that can climb well. My current bike seems to flex when out of the saddle and doesn’t feel like it climbs well.

Is there be a significant difference in comfort? Would I be compromising performance in a noticeable way to get there? I realize the Roubaix is heavier but it’s still lighter than my current frame so don’t care that much.

I’m trying to replace my Fuji Gran Fando. After I got that I noticed on long rides the more upright position of the endurance geometry (about as upright as the regular Roubaix) was not as comfortable as my previous bike which is why I’d only consider the team version, don’t want to be more upright. My previous bike broke and was in a rush to replace it back then so this time I want to make sure I get the right bike.