2020 Race and Event Results

Post em up!

Any event, any race, anything that is meaningful to you :slight_smile:


While not a personal result, my team won the VOS 45+ stage race this past week end and had a guy on the podium each stage. Several team mates and I worked to defend our GC rider during the road and criterium.

Final GC podium with my team mate Scott Johnson 1st; Ian Tubbs 2nd; Ben Sharp 3rd. And me and one of three team mates to set up the stage win and seal the GC last day. We did a few Kj’s this week end for a bunch of old guys!


Very nice!

IMO the team aspect of cycling has a ton of potential, if USAC would actually lean into it.

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Just got this little stash from my club TT awards evening. On the way to the 10mile TT championship we listened to a TR podcast about mental toughness. It’s what helped me dig deep.


That’s an awesome trophy!

Why is it that everyone has cool clubs around them except for me??

Did a points race crit on Sunday. Points from 1st to 5th on every 2nd lap, double points for last lap

It was so hard :slight_smile: 1.03IF for 47 mins for me. I misjudged the finish lap (went too early for those double points!) but good fun all the same. Didn’t know anyone else in the race so hard to know who to follow, and solo against a few teams is also a challenge. A good workout though, and even scored some points :ok_hand:


Could you start one?

Great results, congrats! Ian races locally here in PacNW mainly WA & OR and is always one to mark. Did he have any other Audi teammates? Definitely takes a team effort to hold Ian and his team back.

There were Audi riders in other races but, not ours.

Symmons Plains Criterium

Cat 2
Weather: Foggy. Rain.
Finish: Third.

Going into the race my aim was to be offensive. Go on the attack and get a break. Simply my plan, I didn’t act on. Instead I covered every attack, recovered, covered, recover. On the prime, I didn’t go for it but kept the pace high, went through the sprinters and kept it going. Not really an attack just kept the tempo high enough to hurt. With 1 lap to go, two man break went, with Cat 2 and 3 chopping off, I tried to pull it back

but I couldn’t, one Cat 2 rider came past me and I finished third.

What I took it away, when I have a plan I should stick with it. I finished almost fresh. I could have gone into the next Cat 1 race. I don’t care if its raining I can still perform.

I had 380g of Carbs the day before made up of

Breakfast: Nuts and yogurt. Coffee
Snack: Two mini quiches and a coffee
Lunch: Tuna and Quinona
Snack: Peach and coffee
Snack 3 Hot cross Bun
Dinner: Pesto pasta, Chobain FIT No Sugar Yogurt

Breakfast Today:
Nuts and yogurt. Coffee
Pre Race: Cliff Bar
Pre Race SIS Iso Gel
Pre Race 400mg of caffeine

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