2020 Gift Guide for Cyclists and Triathletes (Athlete Submissions!)

also check out the 303 Graphene coating. only 19.99 and freaking awesome. Currently have 2 coats on all of my bikes and both of my cars. The dirt just rinses straight off my MTB:)

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Any suggestions for a matte finish?


I don’t see why this wouldn’t be great for matte finish also.

These are great. Have my whole pain cave setup on these or smart switches.

Wasn’t sure if they enhance / maintain shine, how that impacts matte.


@fasterthanever my buddy ceramic coats his matte black and pink tarmac and it looks great. I think it just enhances the look of whatever it is placed on. The cool thing about this stuff is it works on plastic, and glass as well making application that much easier.

Awesome! I’ll pick it up and try it. :slight_smile:

How often do you apply it? And do you apply it every part of the bike or just the frame?

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This stuff is meant to last for at least 1 year on your car so i am guessing it will last quite some time on your bike. It flashes really quickly so i put 3 coats on my bike just because. You will know when it is on longer working when you don’t get nice little water beads. I put it on all most everything that is solid on my bike including the exposed parts of my handle bars, break levers, crank arms, bottle cages, and wheels:) Probably could have done my spokes as well looking at my bike but i forgot. Might do that another day lol:) Youtube the stuff and there are some good review and application videos out there. Application and removal is truly dummy proof.

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I’ll add another table stand alternative. I bought this a few months back: ore: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B083DQ1QMD
It’s quite sturdy. I have an articulating wall mount for my monitor which is connected to my applet TV, and I have this connected to the back of the stand by just tightening it against one of the monitor arms. Allows the iPad/iPhone to be directly above the TV in arms reach. And only $15!


What about a TR gift bag?

  1. Fasted Training. Not hard to shop for this one.
  2. Tart cherry juice.
  3. Tart juice with soda.
  4. Popeyes chicken gift card.
  5. A park tool to loosen a screw before a big race.
  6. TR branded beer for the common names/phases drinking games. I am typing this slight faster at sea level.
  7. Loads of carbs before during and after training to make you a fatter cyclist.
  8. Food poisoning before a big race. I mean you just had too many carbs.
  9. Pickle juice for coach Chad like cramps.
  10. The whole enchilada complete with black eye concussion and creatinine.
  11. Bonus gift. Pictures of Chad drinking beer on vacation.

Anyone seen any “I :heart:Sweet spot” t-shirts for sale ???

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I shared this design idea with TR a while ago, but I’ve not seen anything on it.


I’ve ordered some custom tin mugs for my 10th anniversary with the lady from an Etsy shop and they did an awesome job! If you want a regular mug, you can use this (it’s the same “shop” that makes them)

Now i don’t know if it would get there in time for xmas though.

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A clean break by Christophe Bassons great book!!!

Instead of the Yeti I highly recommend the RTIC 1 gallon jug. It will stay cold for a week left in a hot cat over the summer.

THIS shoe dryer! Just commented on it to another rider in forum, game changer after a wet ride


We bought that shoe dryer when my daughter played high school soccer. It rocks!

TR branded beer for the common names/phases drinking games. I am typing this slight faster at sea level.

Would definitely buy a 12%+ stout called “Cognitive Load”


Except a 12% stout should probably be named “Cognitive De-load”! :slight_smile: