1x vs 2x What do TR's Jonathan, Nate, Amber and Chad ride

I and perhaps others are interested in what mountain bike drivetrains the TR crew rides. It would seem that they have more interaction with pro riders and the bike industry that I do.

I would also be interested in what frames they ride and a sentence on why they chose the one they did. This might include various types of bike road, gravel, endure, XC mountain etc.


They’ve talked about it on the podcast for cape epic. Don’t remember who has what they are a mix of shimano and sram. Don’t think anyone is running 2x. On bikes Nate has the new epic (I think sworks), Pete the epic evo (he said something about the pro model because of inventory issues - get what you get), Jonathan rides yeti’s ( Jonathan Lee (@leejonathan_) • Instagram photos and videos ) Amber has the new scapel. Can’t remember what Chad has.

Pretty sure Jonathan is on some Yeti team, Amber is still Cannondale sponsored. While they like their bikes that obviously factors in. I think Nate keeps trying different bikes because in large part finding the right geometry is tricky for his height.

Someone probably has a better spreadsheet of every detail. Including road where I know Nate and Jonathan had the latest venge.


Maybe we could have a day where the TR crew all stop doing their jobs and just come on the forum to tell us about their chainrings :grin:

2x is dead, no serious riders are on it

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I would assume 1x on all their MTBs, but they could confirm.

Some of them change bikes quite often… :joy: but they talk about them a good bit in anecdotes on podcast and on IG - however, a comprehensive list would be very cool. Off the top of my head I think… Maybe others can add to this so we can all shop to match our favorite TR persona

Road - Venge (still, right?)
TT: P5 I think?
Gravel - Evil Chamois Hagar
XC - Epic > 429 SL > 2021 Epic now I think
I think Nate also had an SB130?

Road - Venge
TT - Trek Speed Concept
Gravel - Open Wide (for sale?)
XC - SB100
Trail - SB130
Enduro - SB150

Road - Venge (I believe as I think all 3 OG hosts got Venges together?)
TT - Trinity

Road - SuperSix Evo
Gravel - Super X
XC - New Scalpel?

Road - Argon 18?
XC - 2021 Epic Evo

I think Chad had a Giant Trance and a Canyon Hardtail, but I can’t imagine that’s what he’s riding at Cape Epic. I’m sure it’s been mentioned, I’ll listen back.

On mountain bikes 2x is dead. I don’t think I have seen a bike manufacturer that took up Shimano on its 2x12-speed offering. (Especially since its 10-45-speed cassette IMHO has very non-sensical gearing.)

On the podcast, everyone who rides SRAM (from memory that includes at least @Jonathan, @chad and @Nate_Pearson) is on 1x. Amber, I think, is on Shimano, but I reckon she is on 1x, too.

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Thanks. I haven’t seen any too-of-range bikes with Di2 XTR all SRAM

That’s partially cause di2 XTR is only available for 11 speed. So if you want your top of the line bike to have electronic shifting and 12 speed then SRAM is your only option at the moment.

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