1L bike bottles

When will SlowTwitch publish? I’m assuming articles = articles, and not posting 7 threads on the forum.

If I use your app, and put in 2 hours and 5 minutes at zone2 / Aerobic, it gives

  • 120g carbs total
  • 900mg sodium total
  • 1000ml water total

so that is two 500ml bottles with 60g carbs each.

or roughly 500 calories total. Those rides for me are about 1200-1400kJ burned, and I generally consume 400-700 calories. Your app aligns nicely with what I’m currently doing, and I’m also timing pre and post ride meals.

Your app has a setting for weight, but not FTP. Do you think the recommendations should be independent of kJ burned? Or is adding FTP and/or workout targets a future feature?

At a potential ceiling of 120g/hour, that would be taking in 500 calories per hour.

Unsure on pub date on ST.

Adding FTP & fitness levels is a future feature.

The app can “know” a lot about a person based on what they’re already doing for fueling (which are early onboarding questions).

An early goal was to see how good we could make the recommendations with as little data as possible. So far, results are very positive.

Carb prescriptions should most often not be directly related to kJ burn or only slightly related. Most important is duration of exercise. Second most important is relative intensity. It’s assumed that most folks burn more than they can consume, especially when operating at higher intensities.

But, yes, we’ll be growing the data intake list in the future.

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Not pub’d yet.

What is the app? I’m intrigued

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Curious to hear your thoughts on this app? Seems like they’re doing something similar to you?

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@Andrewbn42 dedicated thread for Alacrity fuel/hydration app:


Super late reply, but I use and like these.


Well, I didn’t get anything yet so, not late at all.
That and I’ll probably get the polar 30 oz. bottles, so there you go. Thanks!


A new contender emerges… https://bikerumor.com/trek-voda-34oz-water-bottle-seriously/


I love the idea of these but in practice they end up being zero mL bottles after they bounce out in a race. Good cages (Arundel, Specialized Zee and Rib) help but it still happens. I’m back to 750mL bottles for gravel, sadly.

There are some cages that will prevent premature ejection.


I have Arundel cages and 1L Zefal bottles and have never lost a bottle. This is through countless pot holes and even taking my gravel bike on MTB trails. Specifically the Mandible. Also have 2 of the DTR / STR on my MTB and have never lost a bottle. However, the Elite SRL Fly Water Bottle - 950ml, are too “squishy” and soft and will eject. I don’t recommend those.

Bontrager cages have held 1L bottles for me over thousands and thousands of KMs of gravel, with crashes, with no issues.

Knock on wood but I haven’t lost a bottle in a decade at least.

Anyone have experience with these Voda bottles? I’m still looking for 1L bottles with better lids

I lost a bottle out of one of these at a race last year. I think it’s full-send gravel race specific: I have no issues in training or on the MTB, but take a rigid bike and hit gnarly terrain at race speeds and I don’t think anything is guaranteed, especially with bigger bottles. I’ll be going with water in a hydration pack and calories in smaller bottles from now on.

Maybe a king cage bent just right would work but at this point I’m too invested in other cages to experiment, and I’m tired of being burned by things that work in training or according to internet wisdom but fail on race day.

I’ve never had a Zefal bottle even remotely close to popping out. That’s using cheap bontrager bottle cages. It’s such a snug fit it takes a second to get used to removing.

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Ha! Literally just said that.

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I have had bat cages throw a bottle.

same experience with my Lezyne side loaders

Why not just get a hydration pack? It’s what mountain bikers have been using for decades.