110 or 130 BDC? - Spider power meters

I want to get this power meter for my 2016 Crux. (It has the Easton EC90 crankset.) Should I go with the 110 BCD or 130 BCD option? Pros/cons of each? I’m pretty sure I’ll always be 1x. Gravel racing and training is the primary use for this bike.


If you go 130BCD you’ll never get any chainrings smaller than 53/39t. I’d imagine for gravel this is severely limiting as most 1x setups are usually much smaller than that for proper gearing in that scenario.


Ok thanks. So I can’t go wrong with 110 then? My ring size is 40; it will probably always be between 38 and 46.

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110 all the way here. 110 in most road/gravel/cx cases. 130 for big chainring road and TT