12 speed groupset on an 11 speed cassette on the turbo

Thinking of buying a new bike with 12 speed groupset but I would like the option of choosing which bike to use on the turbo, 11 speed or 12. Will this work?

If it’s on ERG mode I’d feel conifdent in using the 12 speed group on an 11 speed cassette since I actually run a 12 speed shimano chain on my 11 speed shimano groupset and it is buttery smooth.

I have a mix of 11sp and 12sp speed bikes with an 11s cassette on the trainer. For erg mode it’s zero-issue, just find a gear where things align well and forget about it.

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I don’t think this is a good idea if the bike has an sram flat top chain. That will surely cause excessive wear. I don’t know about other groupsets

I have a new kicker with the stock 11 speed cassette. My Dura Ace 12 speed group work just fine on the trainer. I mostly use erg mode. When I do shift, it’s fine as long as I keep it away from the largest and smallest cogs.

As others have said, works fine in erg mode, just find a cassette cog that runs quietly and has a decent chain line. If not using erg mode, or zwift racing, it’s not ideal but manageable if you’re not picky about poorly indexed gearing.

Is it hard to get the bike with the 12 speed group set on and off 5he trainer or is it the same as with the 11 speed group set? I may be buying another bike and I want to make sure I can use it on the trainer as well.

Same as 11spd. I never had a problem. Only thing you might need to do is index your gears.

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