1000 watts for 2 minutes. Is it true?

Don’t think anyone claimed „anyone can reach 4Wkg“ at any weight. Thor is huge, but he has, to quote Dr Ferrari, „a losers physique“.
Just like Wkg favors the skinny and short people, „1000W for what ever time“ will favor the opposite type of cyclist.

What the … This is monster level power! Respect!
What’s your threshold?

Resurrecting his thread because I just saw that Andre Greipel did 685W for two minutes in a redbull hill climb race (at 87kg). He’s retired now, but I can’t imagine he could’ve added nearly 50% to that to make it 1000W, even in his pro days.

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Matthew Beers might come close. Dude puts out the craziest Watts i have ever seen.

E.g. Follow Matthew on Strava to see this activity. Join for free.

Here he does 444w Np for 2:32h and 6:15 minutes at freaking 659w Np.

I think something is wrong with those numbers. The internet says he’s about 80kg, which if true means his peak 1min of 779W, 5min of 655W, and 20min of 498W means he’s around 9.7W/kg for 1min, 8.2W/kg for 5min, and 6.2W/kg for 20min during a race with an average of 5.4W/kg for 2.5 hours. That’s just too good to be true. Is he actually 90kg or more?

On Paysons podcast he told that he is doing 520w on a 20min test…

" De Kegel preferred not to divulge too many raw numbers, but he said that Van der Poel set his all-time record for five-minute power en route to victory at Mûr-de-Bretagne on stage 2, holding 551 watts (7.35 W/kg) over five minutes on the punchy climb"

Obviously he could do more fresh if he needed to, but he has never (in a race) needed to. Do we think the races he was doing were significantly harder than any that MVDP is doing?