Youth Cross/Gravel Bike Any Options in the US

My daughter is 8 and is 55" (139.7cm)… She likes to ride with me but her little 20" is no longer cutting it. I ride road and gravel mostly. She has a 44cm Trek Domane to ride on road, but a bit unwieldy still… Any options in the US for a sub $700 kids bike to do road/cross. Only thing I can see is a Giant Espoir 24/26 Youth? Everything else is way more or in the UK? Thoughts?

Not a ton of options, but Felt has a kids option still, Frog Bikes is another option, some shops still have the redline conquest 24. It’s slim pickings for sure.

Yeah, drop bar kids bikes are unicorns, especially dirt capable ones. You might have luck starting with a flat bar MTB youth model, and either using as-is, or considering a bar and control swap, but that may be more effort than is worth the time and money.