Your Mind - Weakness or weapon?

So I did the first intervals of the POL MV 6 week program today(San Pedro) and had something interesting happen in the last interval. 3.5 min into the 8 mins I had to take a 45 sec break cause I felt like I was about to blow to bits. I held on for 2 mins after that but had to take another 30 seconds before finishing out the final minute. After 30 seconds of recovery following the end of the interval I told myself I should get still get that 75 seconds I didn’t do, so I spun the legs back up again, but this time was interesting. instead of 75 seconds, I held on for 5.5 mins…?! It was like since I didn’t have that big blue block intimidating me I was able to hold on because I didn’t feel like I had to.

Anyway, I guess my point is I obviously didn’t need those final two breaks physically even though my mind was telling me I did. The mind always tells you to quick before you need to. Knowing this we can choose to let our minds be our weakness or a weapon :slight_smile:


That’s a pretty extreme looking example of the mental component!

I had a mock indoor vEverestingn on Zwift in Alpe that I bailed from after just a couple of ascents, legs just weren’t there and mood wasn’t right. I was well fuelled though so jumped into a race to tag along and burn the calories instead, just meaning to sit in the back and get pulled along.

As soon as the gate opened mind switched completely and went with the lead pack. Set a personal hour record!

Kinda regret bailing that day because never had another go since and physically I was ready.

With intervals like yours I’ve had that too on the last block. Cracking over and over in the mid blocks and then nailing the last one, simply because ‘it’s over soon’. Not had exactly like yours though where I cracked in last block then went full Forest Gump at the end though haha :joy: GJ!

As a side note, I do wonder if this phenomenon is related to oxygen building up from previous efforts and energy systems switching online at some point making it much easier to perform… much like a warmup essentially…

It is definitely both. I find that if I give in to that short break one time, then I’m guaranteed to do it again and again on later intervals. It’s like my will is broken that first time. I do think not having the pressure of time helps tremendously, which is why I do all my ramps blind. For long intervals, I try to ignore the clock as much as possible. I do look at the structure of the workout beforehand and count songs so I’m not completely disoriented, but in longer intervals looking at the clock is disheartening for me. For short intervals, 1-3 minutes, looking at the clock is usually beneficial.

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