XC Race Tire Thread

I am not familiar with that particular race. How much climbing and how steep?
It sure feels like a fantastic tire for flatter terrain.

@webdev511 Wider the better out here. :sunglasses:

Cant speak for that specific tire in sandy/loose over hard conditions but I run the 2.35 fast trak. I prefer more grip in the rear. I’ve run Sworks Renegade, Maxis Aspen & Ikon. Those were all similar and often lost grip climbing.

My favorite all time is ground control but a bit heavy for racing.

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Yeah I found the same and it’s been said on this thread before. I done a side to side comparison with the 2.25 Barzo I was replacing a they were pretty much the same size on the same size rims. I haven’t checked again after a few rides, but very noticeable when I had 2.4s on before.

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I ran 2.2" race kings at Lutsen (which measure smaller than that on 25 mm IW rims) and they have been great the last two years despite the mud. I was riding a bunch of stuff that many weren’t, but I also think that comes down to technique too.

I do have Ray/Ralph on my second set of rims, but elected not to use them.

Still convinced they’re the ideal Leadville / Lutsen tire because of the Rolling Resistance, combined with good durability and traction (for that type of course)

I can flat any tire on kimmons if I tried hard enough! those pokey and perpendicular to the trail “lava rocks” are a recipe for flatting tires. I think I see more people fixing flats on Kimmons trail than anywhere else on the front range. I guess that would be because it’s so easily accessible and a great fun DH.

Out of curiosity I just compared the captain to the current renegade.

Looks like half the amount of intermediate knobs and tighter center knobs. Plus I noticed that is a control casing tire with dual compound, which they have never made before. Before t5/t7 has only been sworks casing which I hear is paper thin. I’m intrigued.

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I like the look of this tire, and specialized tires have been treating me well recently