WTF happened to me?

You won a crit with a 242 FTP? :flushed:

@Jerrodg reconsider your taper strategy. Based on your recent experience, try a taper with more volume reduction.

On 07mar replace Truchas with Geiger -5
On 08mar add Pettit -1
On 09mar replace Monadnock with sleeping beauty -5
On 11mar replace Rattlesnake -1 with Scott Peak -1

It was a club level crit, only about 15 starters. I was definitely not the strongest in that group but took a flier with just over 1K to go and held them off.

1 Kilometer Flier for the win - YouTube

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Did you stay for the P12 race yesterday? I heard there was a bad crash.

I wasn’t there to see it unfortunately. There was a pretty good one in the 4 right in front of me, and the first corner in that same race almost came to a stop due to the chaos in that corner. I’m amazed nobody went down.

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I appreciate it. I made those changes and we will see how things work out.

@Jerrodg one more thing…you can feel free to disregard this…you’re getting some advice in this thread that may lead you to believe you need to focus on Anaerobic capacity. I disagree with this advice based on how your San Joaquin -3 and West Vidette +1 workouts went. You’ve got some anaerobic capacity you’re just a little fatigued. (sometimes when people recently saw a nice presentation they are predisposed to try applying the subject material from that presentation to every problem they encounter for the next few weeks :wink: )

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@Jerrodg how did the ramp test go? Are you satisfied with the result?

I am still kind of processing how I feel. My FTP went up to 250, which is the highest I have ever been. That being said, an FTP bump of 2 watts isn’t statistically that relevant.

@Brennus So I suspect I had a larger gain in ftp then the ramp test shows. Today I did a Z2 ride with a 3 minute max effort (Not my strong suit). now estimates my FTP at 265, a full 17 watts higher than its previous estimate, and 15 higher than the TR test.

I think in my case the testing was flawed on my last couple of ramp tests. When I tested back in December with an FTP of 242, my power meter, Kicker, and TR didn’t play nice. Each interval in ERG was falling slightly further than the target power no matter what I did. I pulled the plug near the 20 minute mark with an estimated FTP of 222. I rejected that and manually adjusted to 248. For this last test, I decided to not be in ERG mode which was going fine until I ran out of gears and was trying to push 110+ rpm, and ran out of steam at 250. Could those factors account for such a wide discrepancy?

I agree but my advice is this: don’t think about it too hard! Your training is going great!

As we speculated, after you recovered from your state of overreach you are knocking out big all-time PRs. I know you were worried after your recent race performance…but I’m like, ‘Oh, man, that’s great. Jerrodg should adjust his taper based on those results and repeat this type of training block three more times this year!’

Huge 3min power record. 20 minute power record. 30 minute power record. Sprint power record? Holy crap. You should be ecstatic. Great job.

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Thanks. Today I smashed Deborah +1, and the AI FTP put me at 254 and have regained a little confidence. I am registered for the Masters division at Cherry Pie with 3 teammates. Hoping to hang in long enough to do something worthwhile to help out.

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