Workouts to warmup for Individual Time Trials

Hi, everyone. Can you please recommend some TR workouts that I can do to warmup for individual time trials? Also, what are the TR race-winning intervals to prepare for road races? Thanks a lot.


This was covered in one of the podcasts. Pretty sure it was a submitted question about length of warmup for specific events. Can’t remember much more than that, sorry. Do a search on YouTube for “trainerroad warmup workouts” and you’ll get a few hits.

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I use the British Cycling warm up (I made it in to a custom warm up) for 10 & 25 mile TTs. Anything longer than that i prefer to ride to the start & then go steady for the first 5 miles at about 75% ftp otherwise I risk blowing up by starting too hard.


TT warm-ups vary massively person to person - I do the BC cadence warm up that Aquazepp mentions and find that’s all I need to switch me on to the event. I know other people who don’t feel quite right unless they’ve ridden 20 miles to the event.

It’s something you need to directly relate to your performance. I’ve arrived late plenty of times to our club tens and just ridden the 1.5 miles to the start quite fast, and done fine. So for me it’s not a huge physiological requirement - everyone should do this at least once to get a baseline measurement, how does the test feel with no serious warmup?
I definitely rate sitting on the turbo for psychological reasons, though - it can be calming and help you focus, esp in a bigger event where you might have a lot of nervous energy.


Thank you. I will check it out.

I see. I would do the same for the longer versions. Nice tips! Thanks.

Nice. Thank you for the insight.

Very well. I will check those out. Thanks a lot.

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I do find it very helpful to have a routine to work through before an open TT (i am more relaxed about our club events as these i treat as training and testing sessions).
Having a specific warm up session to do before setting off for the start i find a great way to focus especially with my ‘Race’ playlist revving me up.
I used to use Cajon but found it took too much out of the legs for my liking & have had better results since switching to my custom BC warm up.
Experiment and see what works for you…