Workout with sprints: all out or prescribed wattage?

I have a quick question about sprints in workouts that Coach Chad has sprinkled into some of the workouts like Mokelumne +1 or Bays +1. I have a dumb trainer, so the wattage is entirely at my discretion. Up to now I took the work sprint seriously and sprinted as hard as I could. Needless to say the power was nowhere near the prescribed 180-200 % but closer to 260-300 %.

All out sprints obviously are much more fatiguing, so I want to be sure that I am not “doing it wrong”. So far I feel fine, although I can’t exactly say I look forward to sprints.

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I thought those workouts just contained form sprints? If so, I believe the point is to work on your top leg speed not power. The increased resistance is just there to give your legs something to push against while you try and see how high you can push the cadence before you break form.

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Had the same exact question, and Bays +1 has 20 second sprints and I believe Chad says something about raising the watts if you can, but wasn’t sure if it was supposed to be all out or just raising the watts…

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I don’t think they are supposed to be form sprints, but I could be wrong. The instructions mention several times that you can up your power target, but it isn’t clear where to. The language is quite vague, because yeah, I can do more. But how much?

By the way, here is my workout. Did I overdo it? :thinking:

the workout text is:

20 seconds of all-out, seated sprinting…

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Usually anything under 45 seconds or that are separated like in Bays +1 I take to mean all out. But that also means I think about the fatigue that sprint might create. If I’m still tired from the workout before and have a hard workout the day after then I do them at about 90% all out.

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looks good to me, its an all-out sprint with a goal of increasing muscle fiber recruitment in order to generate more power and increase endurance. Bays +1 only has you doing this 4 times, to reduce fatiguing the muscles too much and potential impact on workouts that follow.


I have similar question. I am using erg mode with zwift (but following trainerroad workouts). Today i will do bays +1 and i need to 20 secs seated sprints.

So should i adjust erg mode as a 200% ?
And my another question is that why these sprints seated(i just want to learn the benefits of working seated sprinting)?

Thanks in advance.