Workout suggestion day before a race

I am at the end of General Build Mid Volume and have a race on Saturday (a mtb xco). I had to miss my Thursday workout (today) which would have been Spencer (ouch). I don’t want to do VO2 work the day before a race, but would like to do something more than just a soft pedal (not an A race). Any suggestions for a trainer ride as I will have to do this indoors due to other commitments. Thinking something sweet spot with short bursts to mimic leg openers? Any suggestions are welcome? Thanks!


I agree with @mcneese.chad , truuli and its variants is the right WO before a race

Thanks guys…just finished it. Great suggestion.

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openers (5 x 30s @ 120%) are all you want to do; stay sharp without inducing fatigue. Good luck on the race @Dutchie; let us know how it goes!