Workout pulling estimated power from trainer instead of power meter

So I started using TR in January and for the first few weeks I didn’t have a power meter. I was using the estimated power on my Wahoo Kickr Snap and everything was going well.

5 weeks in I got a set of power meter cranks from Rotor and started using them for my workouts. The first few times went perfectly with no issues. I noticed that with the power meter, my power graph was more jagged rather than the perfectly smooth line given by a trainer, even though I was in Erg mode. I understand this is because the trainer smooths power to match the target, but the power meter charts actual input to the crank arm regardless of the trainer resistance.

The other day during my workout, having changed no settings or anything else, the power chart suddenly stopped charting based on the power meter and once again started following the power targets exactly with no deviation, as if I was back using the trainer for power instead of the power meter. But I know the power meter was still connected as cadence was being collected the whole time.

I’ve since played with some settings but I still can’t manage to get my workouts tracking via the power meter again. I know that the estimated power from the trainer is not accurate to the power meter and I really want to keep my training consistent, indoors and outdoors especially as spring arrives.

Here is a link to an imgur album showing what I’m trying to describe on my workout charts: CHARTS

Has anyone ever experienced this issue before? How should I try to resolve it??

Hey there!

I’d recommend reaching out to our Support Team to help you out with this issue. They’ll be able to take a look at your logs and see exactly how everything is pairing, and what is going wrong :+1:

You can reach us at

Thanks Bryce. Rock on :metal:

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